July 29, 2019

Why Poland This Summer

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Warsaw blossoms in the summer
In the harmony of great architecture, landscape of beautiful park and gardens and the Vistula River Boulevards that divided the city into two parts, Warsaw owns two personalities: one bustling with restaurants, clubs, nightlife, modern architecture and museum; the second one became the bohemian zone for artists. They created an independent lifestyle and the rich underground scene that made, this part of Warsaw, a destination for those looking for new artistic atmosphere and real soul of old-Warsaw.
Above it all, Warsaw has its unique charm and the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding countryside where you can enjoy splendid music events planned in Warsaw in August 2020
Just see how Warsaw blossoms in the summer !


Hear some of the finest concerts in the historic interiors of Warsaw palaces, attend the “Chopin and his Europe Festival” or attend an outstanding concert at the grand National Stadium that will be one of the spectacular music events in Warsaw of the year 2020.

- Andrea Bocelli concert - the world’s most beloved tenor will give a concert at the National Stadium
on August 22nd, 2020 (Saturday)

- Chopin and His Europe Festival - the main reason of the Festival “Chopin and his Europe” is to introduce the world to Polish culture through Chopin’s music. Beside his compositions you can listen to other composers who have had an influence on Chopin’s work and was his inspiration;
Concert are held August 15-30, 2020 at Warsaw Philharmonic Hall

- Private Piano Chopin recital – organized in beautiful historical interiors of Warsaw palaces present the world-famous compositions by Frederic Chopin performed by the leading Polish pianists and enriched with a glass of sparkling wine during a short interval.


Explore historically significant and picturesque sites of Warsaw museums with unique on a European scale institutions, follow the romantic narrow streets of the city filled with great history and mosaic of cultural traditions or enjoy the quietness of the Warsaw’s surrounding where you can admire the aspects of splendid music the most.

• Visit to Ferderic Chopin Museum – one of the most modern museums in Europe that is a kind of a personal journey with our great composer, from the little town of Zelazowa Wola to the aristocratic residence of Paris; here you can smell Chopin’s favourite flowers, listen to the sounds coming from the streets of Paris or see the articles of daily use once owned by him, such as: a pencil, his notes, a plate, a gold watch.

• By the Vistula River - take the advantage of Warsaw’s location – by the Vistula River - and enjoy your free time on one of the many beaches created by the river. The promenade lives day and night, beautifully illuminated in the evening and inviting to Museum of Modern Art on the Vistula or Copernicus Science Center. Only here, on the lovely riverside set between the bridges of Warsaw you can experience the balance between the urbanized environment and the natural landscape that make this part of Warsaw attractive to everyone.

- - Mazovian Escapade – a romantic journey to the outskirts of Warsaw including Żelazowa Wola, the birthplace of Frederic Chopin and visit to Lowicz for a home-hosted lunch and have a cup of tea in the beautiful garden or visit a private art workshop.


Warsaw attracts also with its tastes and flavours you cannot withhold to try. After all it is Warsaw that has its own cakes created to reflect the famous buildings and monuments of the city, famous factory of chocolate, places where you can taste cuisine from all around the world without taking your passport or have a surreal culinary experience in the atmosphere of the pre-war Warsaw’s local restaurants with degustation of typical Polish dishes.
Visit to Hala Koszyki - here top class little independent bistros sit next to some of Warsaw’s chain restaurants. The street food bazaar has some brilliant food on offer, with stands offering flavours from all over the world. There are of course some shops there too, however, in reality, they'll always play second fiddle to the top class dining area;

Join a refreshing market breakfast - where you can taste local products from a wide variety of original recipes prepared by true enthusiasts, have a real bit of culinary Warsaw;

• Visit to Polish Vodka Museum – here you can see a virtual laboratory of a medieval alchemist in the actual distillery. Learn about the role vodka has played in politics, as well as get to know bartenders’ tricks of the trade. See the process of productions and finally have a vodka tasting.

Just look beyond the surface of Warsaw and let yourself be delighted with remarkable concerts, unforgettable visits
and delicious discoveries of Polish cuisine. See our  FREDERIC CHOPIN TOUR 2020