February 18, 2020

Nightlife in Russia: where is better in Moscow or St. Petersburg

Russian cities Moscow and St. Petersburg are the cities of the most thrilling nightlife. They are the best cities in Russia for nightlife. Russian night club entertainments won't let you sleep all night long.

Without any doubt, the best nightlife in Russia can be found in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  Those cities never fall asleep. Bars, dancing and rock-clubs, 24/7 restaurants, as well as strip clubs call with their lights and crowds of people around them.

Not only night clubs deserve the visitors' attention when the night falls on Moscow and St Petersburg. Those Russian cities become extremely beautiful when the colored lights and fountains hit city decorations and buildings at night. The cities will fascinate you in a totally different way at night. The traditional buildings, castles and museums that look classic in day time start a new life at night.

Moscow nightlife

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Entertainment in Moscow: interesting places and nightlife

Moscow nightlife can be both fun and a little confusing. At night restaurants often turn into clubs, and the infamous 'face control' policy, which only admits the most beautiful, well dressed, and cash-laden to the best clubs in Moscow, can be confusing. Nightlife in Moscow, Russia has its rules!

One of the most famous Moscow clubs for entertaining nightlife is City Space Bar. This place is one of 10 top bars in the world. Its breathtaking views of Moscow and special cocktails will definitely make you forget the rest of the world. For great music, visit Rodnya club and Strelka Bar for the great atmosphere. You can enjoy fun there till morning.  For whole night dancing and drinking pubs and bars like Posh Friends, Pacha, Premier Lounge, and Icon Club are the best places. They have great food menus, excellent service, and exotic dancers.

For art lovers, the musical nights of Moscow make the nightlife of Russia very attractive as well. Moscow has many entertaining theaters offering ballet performances and opera shows.

Nightlife in St. Petersburg. Entertainment in St. Petersburg: interesting places and nightlife

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Saint Petersburg is the second-largest metropolis of Russia and is known as a cultural capital. The city is famous not only for architecture, fine art, and music but also for its nightlife.  It attracts people with artistic performances, theaters, and numerous cultural events making St Petersburg, Russia nightlife so special.

White Nights in St. Petersburg.

During the white nights in St. Petersburg, when the sun doesn't go down at night in late May-mid July, the celebrations are at their fullest. Regional and international music performances, concerts, and parties are arranged, and thousands of people attend these events. Night visits to museums and galleries are organized, and St. Isaac's Cathedral offers special night concerts.

Saint Petersburg night clubs

Saint Petersburg was the first city in Russia to adopt the culture of clubbing. St Petersburg, Russia nightlife began with the opening of underground rock music clubs and art centers. The first rock club in Russia opened in Saint Petersburg, and the first rave parties were held here.

Best nightclubs in Saint Petersburg.

The area full of best nightclubs in St Petersburg, Russia is the Rubinstein Street. It is lined with pubs and bars where young people meet to chat and drink a cocktail in a quieter environment than the noisy clubs on Dumskaja.

For a unique jazz night head to JFC Jazz Club. The venue is very popular among the lovers of jazz and is a perfect place to enjoy music and start your night.

Russian Paradise Bar is a crazy "Russian" concept bar with huge cocktails, designed based on traditional Russian ornaments, and all-night dances.

One of the best nightclubs in Saint Petersburg for those who are looking for a fashionable place is Santa Barbara. The club is in the city center and has several zones, including karaoke, deep terrace, and banquet hall.

Nightlife of every city has its own face. In Moscow, clubs are larger, the joy is freakier, and the public is more glamorous. In St. Petersburg, there are more featured clubs with better quality music.  However, if you want to experience the real Russian nightlife, don't limit yourself to one city.