May 23, 2022

9 Reasons to Visit Poland in 2022

Poland's Fascinating History
Poland has a long and rich history. In Poland, everywhere you go will be surrounded by historical landmarks and rich cutural raditions. You will notice it on the streets that you walk, on the walls of the buildings, and in the hearts of local people who are very proud of their historical heritage.
Unique Character of Polish Cities and Towns
The turbulent history of Poland is reflected in the uniqueness of its cities. Each city and eash small town has a story to tell. the capital city of Warsaw, the Royal Krakow. the harbor of Gdansk, medieval Torun - the are so different and so picturesque, and it is hard to believe that they are part of one country. 
Poland's Nature and Countrysde 
Poland boast a diverse nature from lush unspoiled forests and national parks to sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea, through the Land of Thusand Lakes, never ending fiels and valley, hills and mountains, combined with pristine atmosphere of the Polish countryside. Charming houses with flower gardens, idylic pastures and green fields.
Amazing Polish People
Polish hospitality is well reflected in its traditional sayig: "Gość w dom, dom, Bóg w dom", a guest enetering your house to God. Polish people are warm, and open-hearted, kind and helpful. They embrace guests with open arms and are truly proud and eager to show theur country and culture to all visitors. And this is even more true now, after a two-year long break due to thepandemic.
Poland is Still Very Affordabe and Not Overcrowded.
International tourism is still developing. Poland is still a hidden gem for most international travelers, and this is good news for you. Polish tourism industry is not "spoiled" by crowds, and you can count on genuine care and hopitality, enjoying reasonable prices and great service. With the current qorldwide inflation rates, the prices are going up pretty fast, so this might change in the nxt few years.
Polish Food is Amazing
Polish food alone is a good reason to visit. You're probably familiar with Polish pierogi, but there's so much more to what Polish cuisine has to offer! The quality of food is amazing whether you eat in small family-owned cafes or in large restaurants. Polish people value quality food, and many grow their own fruit and vegetables in home gardens or even in pots on the apartment balconies and patios. Allotment city gardens are also very popular. 
Poland is Safe to Visit
The crime rate in Poland is extremely low, especially when it comes to serious crimes. Residents and tourists feel safe even when walking in Polish cities at night. Interesting fact: according to the Global Peace Index, Poland is the 24th safest country to visit, while the United States of America is ranked 122nd. Just follow common-sense rules, and you will have a wonderful and peaceful holiday in Poland. 
Why is it a good idea to visit Poland soon?
Now that all travel restrictions have finally been lifted after two years, Poland is even more enthusiastic about hosting tourists than ever before. And as we mentioned, this year the prices in Poland are still affordable, although they are higher than they used to be and they are very likely to be much higher in the following years. In other words, this year you are likely to get really good service at a reasonable price.

There's a deeper reason to visit Poland thi summer! This year Poland has proved that its famous hospitality is not just a stereotype. It's real. We've already accepted over 3 mln refugees from Ukraine (mostly women and children). We're providing them with a warm, safe place to stay. With food. With clothes. With all the basic things a human being needs. 
By coming to Poland, you support local entrepreneurs, many of whom have been selflessly helping the refugees. You give people jobs. You support our economy, which is under strain. This year it is more important than it has been ever before.