September 26, 2013

Visa Free Tours to St. Petersburg

Have you been itching to visit Russia and tour St. Petersburg but the thought of applying for a visa is making your head spin? Have no fear! Traveling to Russia visa-free is possible. Enjoy a three day stay in beautiful Saint Petersburg and experience all the unforgettable sights this city has to offer without the need to apply for a visa.

The visa process can definitely be long and tedious, so if you're looking to get away on a three day excursion without the hassle, all you need is a passport! The Russian Federation allows foreign tourists without visas to explore Saint Petersburg for 72 hours when they arrive via ferry into the port of Saint Petersburg. (You must also register with the Federal Migration Service upon arrival.) All passengers traveling from Helsinki, Finland or Stockholm, Sweden must reserve a seat for the sightseeing program in advance to secure a spot and should also have their passport present before boarding the ferry. Your trip to Saint Petersburg must be round-trip, so plan accordingly.

If you're only visiting for the day, you will not need more than a passport to sight-see, but if you plan on staying the night in Saint Petersburg, you must present a hotel voucher confirming payment for your room to the Border Guard Service. The 72 hour visa-free trip is only applicable to visitors who travel without a car. If you plan to bring a car over on the ferry, you must acquire a Russian visa.

Explore beautiful Russian churches including the Church of the Savior on Blood where spectacular mosaics encompass the interior ceilings and walls while breathtaking spires and colorful domes adorn the outside. This church dates back to 1907 and is one of the main sights to see in Saint Petersburg.

Visit the golden-domed St. Isaac's Cathedral and view icons of mosaics, columns of gorgeous green malachite, and stunning blue lapis lazuli.

Stop by and see the Bronze Horseman, a statue of Peter the Great created by French sculptor, Etienne Maurice Falconet located in Senate Square. After the enormous success of a narrative poem about the statue written by Alexander Pushkin in 1833, the statue is now one of the greatest symbols of Saint Petersburg.

Dating back to 1764, the State Hermitage is one of the world's oldest and largest museums where you'll find the biggest collection of paintings in the world and more than three million works of art from famous artists like Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Matisse, and Picasso.

Visiting Russia has never been easier! With this extremely convenient visa-free opportunity, your trip will surely be an unforgettable one.