June 01, 2013

Interested in trying some authentic cuisine as you plan your travel to Russia? Because Russia is so multicultural and ethnically rich, there are menu items virtually for every taste! If you want to leave the burgers at home and try something new, consider indulging in the following dishes:
Borscht (Beware, the ‘T’ is silent!) – Originating in Eastern and Central Europe, this beet-based soup may be served hot or cold and is best with a dab of sour cream. May or may not contain meat.
Kholodets – Jellied pieces of meat, most often pork or veal, are combined with veggies and eggs to create a true delicatessen. Best when topped with horseradish to add some tangy flavor.
Pelmeni – Leave the diet at home and savor in this Russian dumpling alternative. Depending on specific cultural traditions, different kinds of ground meat are wrapped in dough and boiled to perfection. And, as usual, be sure to dip in sour cream!