July 26, 2013

The Helsinki Festival when Visiting the Baltic and Scandinavia

With such close proximity to the Baltics, many travelers may find it intriguing to include Scandinavia during their visits to the region. Helsinki, the Finnish capital nestled on the shore of the Gulf of Finland (an arm of the Baltic Sea), is a vibrant metropolis that attracts many such travelers. The most popular time of year for visiting the area is summer, not only due to the relatively milder weather, but also for the many festivals and events held in the city during the warm months.

One such festival is the Helsinki Festival, a 17-day cultural festival scheduled to open in mid-August of 2013. The festival program includes classical and world music, circus, dance, theater, a children’s program, cinema, visual art, and a range of urban events. As Finland’s biggest and most popular festival, it attracts many residents and visitors to celebrate and learn about Finnish culture.

The most popular event at the festival is the Night of the Arts, scheduled to be held on August 22 of this year. At that time, the Kaivopuisto Park’s waterfront will turn into “harmonic fields”; French composer Pierre Sauvageot will his enlarged custom-made instruments into the park, which are played by the wind.

Amongst a multitude of festivals held in Finland, The Helsinki Festival is one of the top cultural events in Scandinavia.