January 09, 2014

Mykola Syadristy: Ukraine's Master of Microminiatures

Ukrainian artist Mykola Syadristy is the expert in all things "microminiature." Coining the word decades ago, Syadristy was the first to successfully master this art and has been creating minuscule masterpieces for nearly forty years.

Before dedicating his life to this unique art, Syadristy worked as an agronomist in Zakarpattya and an engineer in the Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Science system. With a wide range of interests in various subjects, Syadristy was at one time an overall champion in underwater sports and is also the author of a handful of books including, "Is it Difficult to Shoe a Flea?" and "The Secrets of Micotechnique." He has also won a number of awards for his talents and even holds the title of Honored Master of Folk Arts of Ukraine.

With delicate grace, Syadristy works in the seconds between each beat of his heart, ensuring he has total control over his body to limit any mistakes the slightest flinch or breath of air might make.

Unlike most artists who use traditional tools such as paintbrushes, acrylics, or canvas to make their masterpieces, Syadristy goes a completely different route and uses diamond gravers on drops of glass, or simply crafts his own tools to carefully construct his micro-miniature works of art.

Using a very steady hand and a deep level of concentration, these incredibly unique works of art are something you must see to believe.

Some examples of his work include the world's tiniest chess set situated on the head of a pin, the world's smallest book measuring 0.6 sq mm, complete with 12 pages of poetry by Taras Shevchenko, the world's smallest electric motor, portraits of politicians and artists engraved into seeds from fruit, a flock of birds placed neatly inside half a poppy seed, and interesting scenes from nature all made of gold and situated perfectly inside the eye of a needle. At 1/400 the width of a human hair, Syadristy has even created two ships; the Swan of Finland, made of gold, platinum, and glass, complete with sails and ropes with over 280 microscopic details, and the even more advanced Alexander Grin ship, comprising of 337 details, a skill that's unachievable for even the most modern of machines.

"The Museum of Micro Miniatures" in Kiev showcases these tiny, intricate, and highly impressive creations only viewable with the assistance of special microscopes situated above each piece. The museum has given Syadristy worldwide recognition and continues to leave visitors in awe time and time again. Visit to the museum is included in our Ukrainian tours.