06 December 2018

Visa Free Tour of St. Petersburg and Stockholm Review

Hi Dora! I went on the visa free cruise to St. Petersburg and Stockholm in March and thought I'd shoot you a message to say THANKS! All of your recommendations were so helpful and I had the greatest time on the ship. Traveling alone is often a challenging experience, but your company made it so easy for me and I am so appreciative. The tours were well thought out and spaced perfectly. I really enjoyed just resting in the beautiful ship at the end of the night, watching the waves and taking in the scenery in each new place we encountered. The private city tour of St. Petersburg was a definite highlight. We got to see so many great historical buildings and the guides are very knowledgeable.

06 December 2018

Absolutely great tour!

Absolutely great tour! It was better prepared and carried out than we had expected. East West Tours did great job helping us with all travel formalities and much more. We still live with the memories from this tour. – Katerina Nowokov – Katerina Nowokov -

06 December 2018

Golden Eagal

We booked the trip with East West tours and were very satisfied with this decision. Many thanks to Dora for her patience and willingness to give us all we wanted. For us, the price was incredibly reasonable for the service and the level of accommodation they provide. It was really nice to have someone on the other end of an email or phone to answer all my questions and worries. We were a little apprehensive about traveling from Moscow to Vlodivostok on the Trans Siberian but we couldn't have felt safer. The train was wonderful. The experience was wonderful. The cabin was so cosy. Food was great. I've taken photos not only of the beautiful sights but also of the nicely arranged meals. I would highly recommend this trip.

28 November 2018

Fabulous Karelia

We loved this tour. Croatia was a fabulous  discovery.  The tour was well organized . Our guide Maya was a gem. She took care of us throughout the trip and was very knowledgeable in history, architecture and arts. We thoroughly enjoyed her narrations. We decided we are returning next year as there are  masses of things to discover in this beautiful country. Nature is fantastic there. We liked the way you handled  this tour booking process and the tour itself  and will definitely contact East West Tours next year . Thank you. – Rose Barney


27 November 2018

Thank you

Hi Bobby, Sorry for the delay but many thanks for arranging this wonderful trip from Beijing to St Petersburg! I had a great time; saw beautiful places and cities, met delightful people (my city guides were the greatest--they knew so much and were so willing to share it!) and ate very tasty food. Even the food on the train was delicious. I am looking at going to Prague and other places in the Czech Republic as well as Croatia.

27 November 2018

We just did a 5 stans and China Tour

Iran is an exciting country with very nice people, old culture and wonderful nature . All tour went very smoothly thanks to perfectly arranged itinerary and fantastic guides. We loved our time in this country and at all times we felt safe. Our guide Farid and other guides at different sites were extremely knowledgeable, with good English and passion for history and their country. Highly recommend the services of East West Tours travel company as the trip was arranged very professionally. Sandral P – Sandral P -

I wish to thank you for all your help in planning our trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow. All went very well. The train ride was uneventful. We did need some assistance from the concierge at our hotel in St. Petersburg in deciphering the signs in the railroad station. We had her write our the words "departure" and "arrival" in Russian, so we would know what track our train would be leaving.