September 18, 2023

Review about Central Asia 5 Stans in 19 days by Frank and Patty Murray

Rating: 5
Hi Julie, What a fantastic trip. We enjoyed it immensely and you are to be congratulated on your organisation. The guides were very knowledgable, professional and went out of their way to try and keep everyone happy. Bava was outstanding but both Veronica and Guyla weren't far behind. The food was great as were the hotels. We had a varied group and we found a couple had some unrealistic expectations and needed to ask themselves why they were there. Their issues were generally outside the control of your company so were unsolvable; e.g. grizzling about the physical capabilities of others in the group. Things like crossing the Turkmenistan border were an ordeal but on reflection they are things we will never forget and laugh about forever and are one the reasons we travel. All the countries were absolutely differant from our expectations and we will certainly be telling everyone to go. With a bit of fiine tuning in the early pre tour processes it could have been the perfect tour. Once again thank you for a magnificent experience.
Frank and Patty Murray