Hi Dora, Our Baltic trip to Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia was great. Seeing things like Sigulda Castle, St. Peter and Paul’s Church, Grutas Park, Thomas Mann's house in Nida, St.Jacob’s Church, the Hill of Crosses, and many other locations were all fascinating to me. Aushra (our guide) seemed to take a lot of pride in knowing a lot about the history of each place which was refreshing. There really is so much of the world left to explore and I'm happy I can check these places off of my bucket list! It was a really nice two weeks away from my hectic life back home. The hotels were all clean and well located, though I think the Radisson Blu Olympia hotel in Tallinn was my favorite because I was able to work out a bit in their gym and then relax in the pool there. Thanks for a satisfying vacation. I'd recommend this tour of the Baltics to anyone interested in experiencing a unique part of Europe. Conrad Baxa
Conrad Baxa
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