September 18, 2023

Review about Central Asia 5 Stans in 19 days by d

Rating: 5
Hi Julia, I loved the tour through the 5 Stan’s, although it was even more full on than I expected. Veronika, Gulya and Bava were excellent guides and all the hotels were good. I gather my room in Almaty had been recently refurbished as I liked the light, airy feel and of course the hotel in Ashgabat was amazing. I’m so pleased I was able to visit Turkmenistan, it was the highlight for me, but the border crossing was awful and if there is any way too avoid it, I know future travelers would have a nicer experience. Having 12 in the group meant we had the advantage of a large comfortable coach, but meal times were tedious as ordering took far too long, we also have 1 person with us that has a foot problem and is very slow walking. Jena, Joan and Lachlan who we’ve just met in Baku, all mentioned lots of free time on their 5 Stan’s tours, but we had none - no doubt due to the above factors. Having a 3 course lunch and dinner is far too much as the servings are large, which also means more time ordering and eating rather than free time or seeing other things.