16 February 2018

Moscow - to Ulan-Bator by "Imperial Russia" Train journey was amazing

We have just come home from Moscow – to Ulan-Bator by "Imperial Russia" Train journey. It was just amazing! Dora, your Russian partners were very professional and did their best to make us all happy. The train was comfortable, with good food and other services, the staff polite and helpful. The guides were very informative and accommodating and spoke good English. Our flight from Ulan-Bator delayed for a few hours, but finally, we returned home happy and with tons of photos to show our friends and for us to remember this fantastic experience. Judit Carter – Judit Carter -

16 February 2018

Our trip from Moscow to Ulan-Bator by "Imperial Russia" train was an unforgettable experience.

Our trip from Moscow to Ulan-Bator by "Imperial Russia" train was an unforgettable experience. Thanks to East West Tours staff we had a worry-free trip. Everything was arranged for us according to our requests and wishes. All transfers to Moscow and back home from Ulan-Bator were prearranged with the convenient timetable, and we had a truly stressless time. The sights we saw, the food we tried and the people we met cannot be compared to anything we had experienced before. It was very exotic and totally changed our understanding of Russia. Thank you, East West Tours for this unforgettable journey and your hard work. Jolanta Karpovich – Jolanta Karpovich -

17 November 2017

The tour was very well organized - thank you

I would like to thank the Esat West Tours for giving us the opportunity to have the most exciting experience during the Trans Siberian Tour by Private " Tsar's Gold" Train from Moscow to Ulan Bator. The only regret we had was that this tour had to end in Ulan Bator. We would have loved to travel further to Beijing which we will do next time. Look forward to our next trip and we will definitely book it with East West Tours (Nordic Saga) as the service we received from you was really exceptional. – Jonas Norvilas and friends from Lithuania -

16 November 2017

Unforgettable Trans Siberian Tour from Moscow to Ulan Bator by Train

It took us some time to get back to normal life after the amazing tour from Moscow to Ulan Bator by train. The legendary Trans Siberian Railroad carried us through Russia and Mongolia to China. The experiences are not possible to describe . The Nordic Saga promise was that this tour was the safest, most comfortable and fascinating and it really was! The train brought us through fantastic scenery to well-chosen destinations. All details in this tour were impeccably brushed up. The attendants were very friendly and patient , we enjoyed fresh and tasty food, some of which was a little unusual to our palates, though. The best thing was that we had a number of choices, were it day trips or food.

I wish to thank you for all your help in planning our trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow. All went very well. The train ride was uneventful. We did need some assistance from the concierge at our hotel in St. Petersburg in deciphering the signs in the railroad station. We had her write our the words "departure" and "arrival" in Russian, so we would know what track our train would be leaving.