November 16, 2017

Review about TSAR'S GOLD Trans Siberian Ulan Bator - Moscow by BeeLian and Magnus Seim

Rating: 5
It took us some time to get back to normal life after the amazing tour from Moscow to Ulan Bator by train. The legendary Trans Siberian Railroad carried us through Russia and Mongolia to China. The experiences are not possible to describe . The Nordic Saga promise was that this tour was the safest, most comfortable and fascinating and it really was! The train brought us through fantastic scenery to well-chosen destinations. All details in this tour were impeccably brushed up. The attendants were very friendly and patient , we enjoyed fresh and tasty food, some of which was a little unusual to our palates, though. The best thing was that we had a number of choices, were it day trips or food. Very well organized tour and we would recommend it to everyone.
BeeLian and Magnus Seim

Unforgettable Trans Siberian Tour from Moscow to Ulan Bator by Train

Trans Siberian from Moscow to Ulan Bator in 12 days/ 11 nights