Tsar Gold Train

Meet the Tsar’s Gold - a private Trans-Siberian train famous for its attentive service, opulent dining menu, spacious and comfortable compartments and facilities to cater to every need. The Tsar's Gold offers unbeatable comfort, fulfilment and luxury at a great price. There are 6 types of compartments available: from Family cabins shared between 4 travelers to ultra luxurious Platinum cabins for 2 with private showers to Nostalgic cabins with decor inspired by 1950s Soviet sleeping cars. Being a luxury Trans-Siberian train, Tsar's Gold is all about experiences: you will have a dedicated tour director throughout your entire journey. Daily onboard classes on Russian history and language will keep you entertained during your pan-continental commute, and select local guides will be taking you on city tours during your stops. The Tsar's Gold Trans-Siberian train tour is truly a once-in-a-lifetime journey!

The train is well equipped with a restaurant car where meals, typically Russian in style are served. The train also has an on-board doctor, tour director and a team of dedicated on-board staff.

A range of excursions are included throughout the journey, designed to offer a good overview of each destination along the route and in some cases these are experiences that would not be available when traveling by public train. Group sizes for each excursion are at a maximum of 26 people. For days spent on-board, a wide range of lectures and other activities such as caviar and vodka tasting are offered.

The train offers varying classes of travel ranging from standard two-berth compartments with shared washing carriages (Category I) to cabins that offer en suite facilities. Standard plus cabins (Category II and II New) are similar to those found in first class on normal Russian trains, with two lower berths and shared toilet facilities at the end of each carriage. Guests are also able to access shower compartments located in every second or third car.

Nostalgic comfort compartments (Category III), nostalgically furnished but with modern amenities, are well equipped with large upper and lower berths and an armchair. Neighbouring compartments share a small bathroom that is equipped with a handheld shower. Where hotel nights are included within your itinerary, these are in three- and four-star properties. Bolshoi Class (Category IV) is equipped with two bunks, with the lower berth measuring slightly wider than the top at almost two metres. The compartment comes well equipped with a wardrobe, flat-screen television and DVD player. This class also boasts an en suite bathroom that can be turned into a wet shower room. Each carriage in Bolshoi category holds only six compartments with at most 12 guests sharing one carriage. Where hotel nights are included within the trip, these are in four- and five-star properties in Moscow and Beijing and in suites of standard hotels in Ulaan Bataar and Irkutsk.

Bolshoi Platinum (Category V) is the most luxurious class available, boasting the largest compartments offered on-board and similar amenities and berths as found in Bolshoi Class. These compartments also offer larger en suite bathrooms with separate shower cubicles.

Decks and cabins
Bolshoi Platinum

Standard Compartment

In the ”STANDARD” CATEGORY (I), there are nine compartments per car, each for four guests. On both sides, left and right, there are two berths, one upon the other and each of them sized 27.55 inches x 74.80 inches (70×190cm). In the middle, below the window, you will find a table. Combined toilet/lavatory compartments are located at each end of the car.


Classic Compartment

In the CLASSIC CATEGORY (II), there are 9 compartments per car. A compartment is shared by two guests. Berths are sized app. 27.5 inches x 75 inches (70 × 190 cm) and arranged facing each other. There is also a table under the window. Combined toilet/lavatory compartments are located at each end of this category’s cars. In every second car there is a shower compartment.


Compartment height: 100.4 inches (255 cm)
Compartment depth: 74.8 inches (190 cm)
Compartment width: 71.6 inches (182 cm)

Bed length: 73.6 inches (187 cm)
Bed width: 26.8 inches (68 cm)
Space between the beds: 16.5 inches (42 cm)

Luggage case under beds: height 14.2 inches (36 cm); width 18.5 inches (47 cm); depth 25.6 inches (65 cm)
Luggage case above door: height 12.2 inches (31 cm); width 58.7 inches (149 cm); depth 21.7 inches (55 cm)


Superior Compartment


The newly refurbished Category II Superior now presents interiors in a nostalgic look. The compartments have two lower beds, one on each side of the compartment and measuring 67 cm x 187 cm / 26.5 × 73.6 in.
The nine compartments in a wagon share two combination wash and toilet facilities located at its ends. Depending on the train configuration, a shower facility is shared by guests from two to four sleeping cars. (The sanitary facilities were also modernised as part of the refurbishment, with the wagons now outfitted with the practical vacuum toilets, which are preferable both for the user and the environment.)


Superior Plus Compartment

In the SUPERIOR PLUS CATEGORY (II), there are 8 newly refurbished compartments per car. A compartment is shared by two guests. Berths are sized app. 27.5 inches x 75 inches (70 × 190 cm) and arranged facing each other. There is also a table under the window. Combined toilet/lavatory compartments are located at each end of this category’s cars. 8 compartments share one refurbished shower room


Nostalgic Compartment

If you want to travel like the red tsars, the NOSTALGIC COMFORT CATEGORY (III) is a must. This category of compartment offers the opportunity to truly travel in the style of the red tsars. You travel in a nostalgic ambience that would even make past Soviet leaders feel at home – but with all of the 21st century’s modern amenities. Each of these of these rolling hotel rooms offers not only two comfortable beds (ca. 80 × 185 cm / 31.5 × 72.8 in.) placed one above the other, but also an armchair from which to enjoy the passing landscape. Each of two neighbouring compartments shares a semi-private lavatory with wash basin and simple shower located between them. Combination wash and toilet facilities are located at both ends of the wagons.


Bolshoi Compartment

The BOLSHOI CATEGORY (IV) is equipped with two beds, with the upper measuring 80 × 176 / 31.5 × 69.3 in. and the lower 110 × 187 cm / 43.3 × 73.6 in. This compartment also offers comfortable seating, a generous-sized table, and a small clothes closet. The Bolshoi category has its own lavatory equipped with a toilet, wash basin, and integrated shower with a full shower curtain. This configuration of wagon has only six compartments. The 12 or fewer guests travelling in a Bolshoi wagon reside in 5-star hotels in Moscow and Beijing. As a guest in this category you are attended to by an individual travel guide in groups of no more than 12 travellers.


Bolshoi Platinum Compartment

The newly introduced BOLSHOI PLATINUM CATEGORY (V) features the highest possible comfort on the Transsiberian. The Bolshoi Platinum compartment provides 7.15 m² (almost 77 sq. ft.) of space, even more than the Bolshoi compartment. The lower bed measures 120 × 184 cm / ca. 47.2 × 72.4 in., the upper 82 × 174 cm / ca. 32.3 × 68.5 in. Each compartment has a spacious clothes closet and its own lavatory outfitted with a separate shower cabin. This category of wagon offering the highest level of comfort available on the Trans-Siberian Railway contains only five compartments and offers space for a maximum of just 10 guests. In Moscow and Beijing guests in this category reside in 5-star hotels and are attended to in groups of no more than 12 travellers by an individual tour guides.