November 24, 2017

Review about M/S "Volga Dream" St. Petersburg - Moscow (Gold) by Harry and Linda Laurila

Rating: 5
We are extremely happy to have booked this cruise. This was an amazing value for the price( fare included the cost of the Visa, all transfers and cruise itself). This also included daily excursions which were very good, and guides were excellent. Our English speaking group was rather small so we had lots of room on the daily tour buses and personal attention from our guide Irina. The rooms on the ship were a little too small, but the meals were fantastic. Who spends time in the cabin anyway..... In both Moscow and St Petersburg there were a few tours for our choice. The one we took was Moscow by Night. It was a wonderful trip visiting metro stations , walking around Red Square and see St Basil's at night and the Gum store , which were lit up so wonderfully. I recommend this trip highly for anyone going to Moscow. St Petersburg was also very interesting with the Hermitage and great buildings and wonderful exhibitions. To conclude, we had great time, relaxing and full of activites at the same time. Very affordable, as well. Harry and Linda Laurila
Harry and Linda Laurila
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