November 16, 2017

Review about by Amanda

Rating: 5
I would like to thank the organizes for the amazing experience. My husband and I were hesitating for a long time weather to take this trip or not and I’m glad we finally found time for this life changing experience. It is unbelievable how much it was possible to see during the trip. Beijing city itself was not that impressive- we expected it to be more exotic, The Great Wall, though, exceeded all our expectations. The journey by train was something unexpectedly special. It was a long journey but it didn’t feel that way. The window views glued all the experiences at the destinations to one amazing picture. To watch the life outside the train gave the impression of being a part of this life. Special thanks to our guides, who were very professional and at the same time very friendly. Thank you Ana, Alex, and all other people who cared about us during all this trip. Would I travel again? Probably not. It’s an one time life experience. Would I recommend my family and friends to take that trip ? Definitely!

Trans Siberian Railway " Tsar's Gold" Train Beijing to Moscow - unbelievable exparience