June 21, 2019

Review about Stockholm - Helsinki - St. Petersburg - Tallinn-Stockholm by Mike

Rating: 4
We went on this 6 night 7 day program starting and ending in Stockholm with a two night stay in St. Petersburg, Russia. Our guide in St. Petersburg was a friendly and lovely young woman who spoke very good English and told us many interesting things about all the sites we visited or saw. We were glad that we had chosen Commodore Class for the ferry since that gave us prioritized Disembarkation in each of the ports we visited while on the ferry. Included was the meal plan on the ferry which provided us with a large selection of food choices at their morning and evening buffets. The Akyan Hotel we stayed at in St. Petersburg was extremely nice with excellent service.
Visit St. Petersburg for 3 days visa-free travel. Cruise between Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Stockholm for 7 days tour.