December 01, 2017

Review about by Joan and Tim from Singapore

Rating: 5
We took a train tour from Beijing to Moscow in May. The trip took 16 days. We started from Beijing where we were taken care by a nice guide Jessie, who was very helpful in all practical matters as well as taking us to the most stunning places in Beijing and around the city. The biggest part of this trip was spent on the train, which was very comfortable .Our cabin had its own small shower, w.c and basin. We were happy with our compartment as it had a large window, the beds were rearranged every morning so that we had a comfortable sitting area during the day. We also had a private tv. which was useful for watching the provided informative videos. All tours were included in the price and they were thorough and very well organized. The tour buses in all places we stopped were of a high standard , the guides nice and smiling and extremely efficient which made a very positive addition to our experience. On the train, we got acquainted with a few lovely people from France, Belgium, Australia, and USA. The definite highlight of the trip was travelling round Lake Bakail , a swim in the lake and the barbecue. On the train we also had a lot of entertainment.We are sure that the Tsar's Gold train is much more comfortable than the regular trains and we would certainly recommend booking the tour through East West Tours as they are very professional, know all the details very well and so helpful. With best regards, Joan and Tim from Singapore
Joan and Tim from Singapore

Trans Siberian Railway tour from Beijing to Moscow - the trip to be remembered for the rest of your life.