February 19, 2018

Review about Russian New Year's Extravaganza Tour by Tommy

Rating: 4
Everyone must see Russia in winter, very much underrated time of the year. I'm sure it's nice in the summer but Moscow and St Petersburg are so beautiful at Christmas and New Year and not overcrowded with tourists. The crisp cold gives you a reason to buy a Russian hat and have a shot of vodka! The logistics of East West Tours was excellent as well as the cultural program, hotels and 24-hour support. Many thanks to the excellent guides , especially our St Petersburg guide Masha. She was superb! Thanks for all. Tommy & Maria

We really enjoyed the tour Russian New Year's Extravaganza Tour

Russian New Year's Celebration tour will show you the true “Russian Winter Wonderland”. Visit Russia in winter and learn why it it was always popular in Russian folk tales and myths and perfect for Russian entertainments for both the nobility and the common people.