September 25, 2019

Review about Stockholm - Helsinki - St. Petersburg - Tallinn-Stockholm by Laurianne

Rating: 5
I really enjoyed my trip! The guide and the hotel in St. Petersburg were awesome. The places we visited in St. Petersburg were amazing as well. I also enjoyed the time on the boat. The food was great. Moreover, I enjoyed the time in Helsinki and Tallin. I only had a few hours in these cities, but with good planning it is possible to make the most of these hours. I also liked the fact the tour was starting in Stockholm in the evening and ending in Stockholm in the morning. That gave me some time to visit Stockholm.

Stockholm - Helsinki - St. Petersburg - Tallin - Stockholm Cruise

Visit St. Petersburg for 3 days visa-free travel. Cruise between Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Stockholm for 7 days tour.