November 28, 2017

Review about M/S "Nikolay Chernyshevsky" St. Petersburg - Moscow by Gregory & Fran Crox

Rating: 5
Volga River Cruise was incredible. We liked this trip very much. The ship was clean and inviting. The crew were very friendly and smiling in contrast to people in many places on land. The food was the best possible. I actually was surprised by the quality of the food, and the way it was served. Lots of choices every day. No one got sick. Free wi-fi . Many fun activities on the boat and interesting trips to lovely cities of Uglich, Yaroslavl, Goritcy and other. We enjoyed slow pace free time in Mandrogui. We made friends with a few nice people on the boat and had a lot of a good time together. Would highly recommend this trip. Many thanks to East West Tours for making our summer great. Gregory & Fran Crox
Gregory & Fran Crox
Volga river cruise offering the best of Moscow and St. Petersburg, beautiful Russian countryside, old towns, rich history and cultural traditions