November 23, 2017

Review about M/S "Nikolay Chernyshevsky" St. Petersburg - Moscow by Steve and family

Rating: 5
A Russian river cruise was a different and nice way of holiday. We decided to give it a try and were not disappointed. The boat was nice, with the name Rostropovich which pointed to heavy entertainment schedule. Concerts were a daily entertainment with professional musicians as well as music students who were very good indeed. The trip was very well organised with lots of activites like matryoshka painting, pancake and vodka testing , lectures on history and folk art. There was something every day. Overall, the cruise can be given four-star plus rating. Some people were complaining about the lack of their favorite food but with four meals every day - no one went hungry. The captain's dinner was especially prepared and for all the tastes. Some food items were very unusual, Russian and worth trying. Tea, coffee and biscuits were free available throughout the day. All places we stopped and visited had something nice to offer. In Mandrogui we bought quality handicrafts. Cheap-and-happy souvenirs can be found in the flea markets at some stops. Moscow and St Petersburg were the highlights of the trip. A day for each huge city was too little. It would be a good idea to add a few more days for both. With many thanks, Steve and family
Steve and family
Volga river cruise offering the best of Moscow and St. Petersburg, beautiful Russian countryside, old towns, rich history and cultural traditions