November 23, 2017

Review about M/S "Volga Dream" Moscow - St. Petersburg (Platinum) by Petra and Paolo, Slovenia

Rating: 4
Volga Dream Cruise, We just came back from a cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow with the "Volga Dream". The journey started from St. Petersburg. A very impressive city with lots to see in the city and also we were taken to Pushkinovo and Imperial palaces and also Peterhof. All our group liked the palaces very much. I didn't believe they were so breathtaking. Accomodation was on a ship, far from the city center, but no problem as city buses take you to the end of Nevski prospect or to the metro station. Bus and metro tickets are very cheap. The cruise strated in the evening of the fourth day and cruise took us 5 days. We thought it could be boring, but the activities on board were numerous and the time was flying very fast. The weather was good and we enjoyed small green islands or cities on the way : Yaroslavl, Goritsy, Mandrogi, Kizhi, Uglich. The sun was shining, so we spent a lot of time on the decks, enjoying beautiful landscapes. The time spent on the ship was nice and relaxing with musicians playing and singing live. Probably students, but very professional. The cabin was not as good as we had expected. It was nice and clean but too small. Toilet and shower also very small. The food was very good - a lot of vegetables like beets and cabbages. Souvenirs on board too expensive but we bought a few nice items in St. Petersburg and in Yaroslavl, so we didn't bother about the prices on board. To explore Moscow we had only a day and a half. Definitely too short time to see all the marvelous things in this splendid city. We decided to come to Moscow separately. I will definitely book a trip to Moscow through East West Tours - Nordic Saga, as they proved to be very sensitive to all our needs and expectations preparing for this trip. All in all, the trip was very good. We are very happy to have taken it. Many thanks to Dora from Nordic Saga , who was very helpful in all matters and gave us many valuable tips about this journey.
Petra and Paolo, Slovenia

Volga Dream Cruise - very enjoyable and reasonably priced

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