November 24, 2017

Review about by Justyna Kovach, Montreal, Canada

Rating: 5
We have chosen the cruise on the boat with the well-known name hinting to classical music and were not mistaken. During all the trip we were treated with concerts of not only classical but also folk music played by professionals and probably students who were amazingly good. Other entertainments on board were also fun and engaging, especially the classes of the Russian language. The day tours were well planned and guides were very nice and knowledgeable. The people we met were warm and we felt welcomed. Moscow and St. Petersburg were just breathtaking. Magnificent cities with fantastic architecture, Art Galleries, Metro, good restaurants and plenty of parks. All was very well planned. Thank you, Nordic Saga for reassuring we would love this trip. We definitely did. Justyna Kovach, Montreal, Canada
Justyna Kovach, Montreal, Canada

Volga River Cruise on M/S "M. Rostropovich" - lovely experience