February 13, 2018

Review about Golden Ring Detour by Linda

Rating: 5
Just wanted to thank for an excellent trip to Suzdal. The idea to have a personal guide and a car was very good. We enjoyed every minute spent with Marina and Igor. They answered all our questions and showed us places even off the tour route. We will book more East West tours for sure and recommend you to our friends. - Linda

Trip to Suzdal

This tour takes you to the very soul and heart of Russia and the Russian people and reveals the warmth, kindness and hospitality of the hosts of these ancient Slavic lands. Discover Moscow and three Golden Ring towns with their rich history, amazing museums and art collections, unique architecture and prominent identity. Most important, you will learn about centuries-old way of life, customs and traditions of different social classes of the Russian society. The majority of the sites included in the tour are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.