August 16, 2014

Review about Imperial Capitals by M. Bagan

Rating: 5
A well conceived and arranged tour for three pax of Budapest, Moscow, and Saint Petersburg with excellent choice of hotels, guides, and transportation. Alex V. very savvy and able to go that extra step to ensure a wonderful experience.
M. Bagan

Budapest, Moscow, Saint Petersburg

You will travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg where the tsars of Russia lived and ruled. Learn about the Romanov dynasty, the rulers of the Russian Empire from the 16th century up to 1917. Travelling to the imperial capitals of Russia gives you a unique opportunity to visit the famous sights of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Narrow streets and wide prospects, elegant buildings, splendid parks and fountains, squares with monuments and sculptures, famous theaters, numerous museums and exhibitions, churches and cathedrals, boutiques and souvenir shops – you will find it all on our tour.