May 30, 2014

Review about by Justin Hunts and Rachel Ellings

Rating: 5
Alex, I wanted to write and say how great our vacation in Russia was because of your help and guidance. We loved Moscow and the historical Red Square. St. Basil’s cathedral was such a sight to see in real life, and the Moscow Metro was gorgeous!! A work of art for sure. I loved St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg and Rachel really enjoyed walking through the halls of the Hermitage. Our guides were splendid and the tours were planned perfectly. Our hotels were nice too. We only had a few problems with the language barrier but that’s expected when you travel to a foreign country. We felt safe and welcomed in Russia and can’t wait to go back! Thank you for your patience and for handling the few mix-ups that happened just before our departure. Your speedy responses saved us! - Justin Hunts and Rachel Ellings
Justin Hunts and Rachel Ellings

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