June 09, 2014

Review about Grand Tour of Russia by Grand Tour of Russia

Rating: 5
Hi Dora We're still on vacation ( Spain and Ireland), but done with Russia, so I thought I'd give you some feedback. Everything went well. Everyone was on time and where they should have been. We enjoyed each guide. They were all different, which made it all the more interesting. It was hard to pick a favorite. Nobody played "my country is better than yours" and we did not play that game either. It did not seem appropriate. Still there was no topic that was off the table, so we had very many stimulating discussions. As far as Russia itself, I think we learned more in two weeks than I would have imagined. Both moscow and especially St. Petersburg were beautiful. St. Petersburg has replaced Rome as my wife's favorite city. As you predicted, we never felt threatened. There was the expected awkwardness that comes with the language problem, but I never felt discriminated against because I asked "do you speak English." I suppose the fact that we were willing to go to Russia when others were not speaks for itself. But I now fell even more comfortable with russia. Thanks for yor help and encouragement.
Grand Tour of Russia

Great Experience in Russia

Tour of Russia by East West Tours operator offers travel to Russia's historical places, modern sights , interesting and memorable trips. Enjoy exciting excursions around Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir, Suzdal, Rostov the Great.