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Moscow - St. Petersburg M/S "Mustai Karim"

12 days
11 nights






Low Season
$ 4,035.00 (Cat. A)
$ 4,580.00 (Cat. B)
$ 4,335.00 (Cat. C)
$ 4,820.00 (Cat. D)
$ 5,060.00 (Cat. E)
$ 6,090.00 (Cat. F)
$ 7,485.00 (Cat. G)
$11,000.00 (Cat. H)

High Season
$ 4,275.00 (Cat. A)
$ 4,710.00 (Cat. B)
$ 4,580.00 (Cat. C)
$ 5,060.00 (Cat. D)
$ 5,305.00 (Cat. E)
$ 6,335.00 (Cat. F)
$ 7,815.00 (Cat. G)
$11,555.00 (Cat. H)


A - Standard Upper Deck
B - Deluxe Upper Deck
C - Standard Boat Deck
D - Deluxe Boat Deck
E - Deluxe Awning Deck
F - Jr. Suite Awning Deck
G - Suite Upper Deck
H - Owners Suite Upper Deck


May 11, 2021 - May 22, 2021 
Jun 01, 2021 - Jun 12, 2021 
Jun 22, 2021 - Jul 03, 2021 
Jul 13, 2021 - Jul 24, 2021 
Aug 03, 2021 - Aug 14, 2021 10% discount
Aug 24, 2021 - Sep 04, 2021 10% discount
Sep 14, 2021 - Sep 25, 2021 
Oct 05, 2021 - Oct 16, 2021 10% discount

Cabin Description:


  • Transfers 
  • Luggage handling in river ports and onboard.
  • Guaranteed accommodations according to your reservation.
  • English/French/German/Spanish/Italian speaking guides onboard
  • Onboard entertainment including Russian language course and Russian songs lessons, live music concerts, dancing music in bars at nights, Captain’s bridge tour, etc.
  • EXCLUSIVE excursion programme per itinerary 
  • Full board catering (three meals per day) including dinner upon arrival and breakfast on the departure day
  • Welcome Bread and Salt Ceremony
  • Captain’s welcome cocktail.
  • Captain’s dinner with upscale menu


Exquisite cruise on board first luxurious Russian built ship MUSTAI KARIM


Transfer from airport to the ship (according to the prior request)
Lunch on board (on request for extra charge)
Welcome Drink
Piano music in the bar
Optional tour sales
Dinner aboard (for late arrivals the light dinner is provided instead)
Music in the bar

Day 2  : MOSCOW

Kremlin, Red Square and City tour

6:45     Wake-up call
7:00     Breakfast onboard
8:30     Kremlin tour

Palace of Congresses, Senate square: Arsenal, Senate buildings; residence of the President of the Russian Federation, Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon, Cathedral Square ensemble: Assumption Cathedral, Archangel Cathedral and Annunciation Cathedral with visit to one of them. Visit to the Alexander gardens

12:30   Free time at the Red Square, Zaryadie park (photo point – floating bridge)
14:30   Boat trip on the Moskva River with lunch
16:30   Walking tour along the Arbat Street
19:00   Dinner onboard
21:00   Moscow by night & metro (optional)
21:00   Musical evening in the bar
00:30   Return to the ship after Moscow by Night Tour

Day 3  : MOSCOW

7:00     Wake-up call
7:30     Breakfast onboard
9:00     Visit to the observation deck in skyscraper in Moscow-City
13:30   Lunch onboard
14:15   All aboard! You are kindly asked to be on time
14:30   Departure. The ship leaves Moscow for Uglich
14:45   Route information «Moscow Canal»
15:15   Safety drill
15:45   Documentary about Russian History (in the cabins)
16:00   Yoga
17:00   Meeting with onboard guides
18:00   Piano music in the bar
18:30   Captain’s Welcome Cocktail. Crew and staff presentation
19:00   Dinner onboard
20:30   Piano music in the bar
21:00   Onboard concert “Let’s Make Friends”
22:00   Dancing music in the bar
22:00   Movies in the cabins

Day 4  : UGLICH

Tour of Uglich with visits to local Kremlin and Church of St. Dmitry - choir concert - visit the home of local family

7:30     Wake-up call and daily program information
7:45     Morning exercises and yoga
8:00     Breakfast onboard
9:30     Presentation on traditional Russian crafts, Uglich, Russian language and history
12:30   Lunch onboard
14:00   Arrival in Uglich

Uglich is a small ancient Russian town, one of the Golden Ring gems. On the tour we will visit the Uglich Kremlin, Transfiguration Cathedral, and famous Church of St. Dmitry on the Spilled Blood, built where the son of Ivan the Terrible died under mysterious circumstances.

Exclusively for our guests - traditional Russian choir Kovcheg concert and visit to traditional village dwelling (izba), tasting of homemade tincture, pickled vegetables, and tea party with pies.

16:45   All aboard! You are kindly asked to be on time
17:00   Departure. The ship leaves Uglich for Yaroslavl
17:00   Classical music in the bar
17:00   Documentary film about Russian History in the cabins
18:00   Choose from musical evening in the bar, Russian song class, or yoga
19:00   Dinner onboard
21:00   Classical music in the bar
21:30   Folk music concert
22:30   Dancing music in the bar or movies in the cabin

Day 5  : PLYOS

City tour of Plyos - museum of famous Isaak Levitan - Russian cuisine and music evening at a local countryhouse

7:30     Wake-up call and daily program information
7:45     Morning exercises and yoga
8:00     Breakfast onboard
9:30     Presentation on Plyos, Russian history, Russian language and songs class
12:30   Lunch onboard
14:00   Arrive in Plyos

Plyos is one of the smallest Golden Ring towns at just 3 sq. kilometers. It is a charming settlement with old wooden houses and narrow hilly streets winding down to the banks of the Volga River.
The town's historical fame comes from the artists' retreat in the late 19th century. The town inspired many Russian artists for years. Russia’s most celebrated landscapist Isaac Levitan lived and painted in Plyos. We will walk around the historical part of the town and visit the museum of the legendary Russian landscape artist. Afterwards we will enjoy “country house evening in Plyos” with dinner in a traditional restaurant “Chugunok” with Russian cuisine and caviar tasting

21:00   Musical performance “Unexpected Encounters with Russian Music Stars”
22:30   Dancing music in the bar, movies in the cabin
22:45   All aboard! You are kindly asked to be on time
23:00   Departure. The ship leaves Plyos for Yaroslavl


City tour of Yaroslavl - visit Governor's mansion with cocktails and music - Golden Ring miniature museum - Enamel museum visit with masterclass

6:30       Wake - up call and daily program information
6:45       Morning exercises and yoga
6:30       Breakfast onboard
8:00       Stop in Yaroslavl

Explore the capital of Russia’s Golden Ring, which marked its 1000 year anniversary in 2010. Historical center of the city is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. After getting to know the city visit the ex-Governor’s mansion, where the guides portraying his daughters will show you around the house and invite you for a cocktail in the ballroom with live music performance.

Golden Ring of Russia in Miniature exhibit will amaze you with unique night projections, lighting effects on buildings, sounds of cities and other surprises. After that see the only Enamel Art Museum in Russia with a rich collection of works created by leading enamel artists in Russia and abroad. Try your hand in creating enamel art yourself during the master class.

12:45    All aboard! You are kindly asked to be on time
13:00    Departure. The ship leaves Yaroslavl for Goritsy
13:15    Route information
13:30    Lunch onboard
14:30    Russian language class
14:30    Master Class in painting a traditional Russian matryoshka doll (optional)
14:30    Documentary about Russia in the cabins
15:00    Yoga
16:00    Vodka and blini tasting party (optional) or Russian bingo
17:00    Russian dances class
18:00    Lecture on Russian history
18:30    Classical music in the bar
19:30    Dinner onboard
21:30    Classical music in the bar or other entertainment
22:00    Live music in the bar, movies, dancing

Day 7  : GORITSY

Feropontov Monastery - Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin

7:15       Wake-up call and daily program information
7:30       Morning exercises and yoga
7:30       Breakfast onboard
9:00       Russian fairy tales presentation
9:45       Route information “Goritsy”
10:30    Russian Tea Ceremony. Enjoy the Russian Tea Culture and learn its history
11:00    Stop in Goritsy

Walk to the ancient Feropontov monastery from a peaceful village of Goritsy. The monastery is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is unique in its beauty, authenticity and consistency of architectural details of different centuries. The object of special interest is the Cathedral of Nativity of the Virgin, with walls covered with invaluable frescoes by the great medieval painter Dionisius.

13:45    All aboard! You are kindly asked to be on time
14:00    Departure. The ship leaves Goritsy for Kizhi
14:00    Lunch onboard
15:30    Documentary about Russia history in the cabins
16:30    Russian songs class
17:30    Briefing and presentation on St. Petersburg program
18:30    Yoga
18:45    Classical music in the bar
19:30    Dinner onboard
21:00    Live music in the bar
21:30    Folk music concert
22:30    Movie in the cabins, dancing in the bar

Day 8  : KIZHI

Transfiguration Cathedral in Kizhi - visit traditional wooden house and Russian banya (sauna) - concert in the evening

7:00       Wake-up call and daily program information
7:00       Morning exercises and yoga
7:30       Breakfast onboard
9:00       Route information “Kizhi Island”
9:15       Russian history presentation
10:15    Russian language class
11:00    Russian dancing class
12:00    Napkin folding class
12:30    Visit Captain’s bridge visit
13:00    Lunch onboard
14:30    Documentary about Russian history
14:30    Classical music in the bar
15:30    Stop in Kizhi

After crossing the second largest lake in Europe – Onega, discover the island of Kizhi, home of another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the unique historical, cultural and natural complex, admire the beauty of Transfiguration Cathedral built without a single nail according to the legend, visit traditional wooden house and Russian banya (sauna). After the tour enjoy excusive concert “Music of Northern Village”.

17:45    All aboard! You are kindly asked to be on time
18:00    Departure. The ship leaves Kizhi for St.-Petersburg
18:00    Musical evening in the bar, yoga
19:00    Dinner onboard
21:00    Classical music in the bar
22:00    Dancing music in the bar
22:00    Movies in the cabin


Enjoy the day at leisure on board, today you are passing through the Europe’s two largest lakes Onega and Ladoga.

7:30     Wake-up call and daily program information
7:45     Morning exercises and yoga
8:00     Breakfast onboard
9:30     Route information “St. Petersburg”
10:00   Film about the cruise in the cabins
11:00   Presentation on traditional Russian crafts and souvenirs
12:00   Russian language and songs class
13:00   Lunch onboard. Russia’s food festival (cuisine of different regions of Russia)
15:30   Rehearsal of the Talent Show. All performers are welcome!
16:30   Round Table. Board guides are glad to answer every question you have about Russia
18:00   Classical music in the bar
18:00   Musical evening in the bar
18:30   Captain


City tour of St. Petersburg - lunch in town - Yusupov Placace - special evening visit to Catherine Palace and Amber Room

7:00     Wake-up call
7:30     Breakfast onboard
8:00     Arrival in St. Petersburg
9:00     Bus city tour

After a relaxing day on board, continue your program with a city tour of St. Petersburg. Get to know the Northern capital of Russia during a bus city tour and special tour of rivers and canals. After a delicious lunch in a local city restaurant explore the mysteries of the Yusupov Palace, where one of the most controversial figures in the Russian history – Grigory Rasputin was murdered.

13:00   Lunch at a city restaurant
14:30   Yusupov Palace visit
18:00   Return onboard
18:15   Dinner onboard
19:45   Folklore show “Feel Russian” at the Nikolaevsky Palace
23:00   Return onboard
23:00   Classical music in the bar
            Passage under the world renowned draw bridges of St. Petersburg


Before hours Hermitage visit - hydrofoil to Peterhof - visit park with fountains and Grand Palace after hours

7:00     Wake-up call
7:30     Breakfast onboard
9:00     Departure for the Hermitage State Museum

Hermitage visit includes the Egyptian Hall, 1812 War Gallery, St. George Hall, Peter the Great Small Throne Room,  Italian Art Collection (Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Titian, Michelangelo), Dutch Art (Rembrandt), Spanish Art (Ribera, Velázquez))

13:30   Return to the ship
13:30   Lunch onboard
16:00   Peterhof - walking tour: the Grand Cascade with the Samson Fountain, Greenhouse, Roman Fountains, The Chessboard Hill Cascade, Trick Fountains, view of the Gulf of Finland, visit to one of smalerl palaces

19:00   Classical music in the bar
20:00   Dinner aboard
21:45   Classical music in the bar


Thank you for spending your holidays on board MS Mustai Karim. After breakfast transfer to the airport is arranged for you.