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The Golden Horseshoe of Galicia

4 days
3 nights





$ 740.00 (double occupancy)





The tour introduces the guests to the three castles: Olesky Castle, Podgoretsky Castle and Zolochiv Castle - the brightest examples of the medieval defense architecture in Ukraine. The castles, like a big horseshoe, are located around the old city. The first castles in the territory of Ukraine were built in X-XIII centuries and gradually strong fortifications were transformed into luxury magnate residences. Before starting the tour through the stone pages of history, the guests will make a fascinating tour in the beautiful city of Lviv - a recognized cultural capital of Ukraine, a unique reserve of different architectural styles. According to the well-known British newspaper «The Times», Lviv is rated third among the most attractive cities in Europe for the weekend tour. The historic center of the city is perfectly preserved and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Day 1  : Arrival

Welcome dinner at a restaurant with Ukrainian folklore music show. 

Day 2  :

Walking city tour makes every visitor of Lviv acquainted with the historical center of the city. Market square – the heart of ancient city, City HallOpera House – one of the most beautiful opera houses in Europe, old Drugstore Museum where one can purchase unique “iron wine”, Boim Chapel, royalItalian court yard. In the narrow medieval streets one can admire the ensemble of the Assumption Cathedral – architectural masterpiece of renaissance, baroque ensemble of Saint Peter and Paul's Cathedral by Jesuit Order and Dominican Churchwith wonderful organ, the Latin Cathedral with elements of Gothic architecture, the Roman Catholic Church and Bernardine Monastery, the old Armenian Cathedral and many other sights. 

In the afternoon possibility to visit one of thenumerous museums: National Museum with its unique collection of ancient icons, Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life "Shevchenkiv Gaj," Museum of Medieval Weapons "Arsenal", Brewery museum. 

Day 3  : One-day tour "Golden Horseshoe of Galicia"

During this tour guests will visit three castles that are all museums in present times. Olesky Castle (historical and architectural monument dated back to XIV-XVIII c.) the birthplace of the Polish king Jan III Sobieski, a unique treasure-house of painting, sculpture and applied art of the X-XIX centuries. Podgoretsky Castle(1635-1640) one of the best monuments in Europe when it comes to the combination of a renaissance palace with a bastion fortifications. The castle is designed by the French engineer Guillaume de Boplan and Italian architect Andre del Akvoy. This particular castle served as French Louvre Museum during shooting of a Soviet film "The Three Musketeers." Zolochiv castle was built in 1630s as a citadel with bastions, it belonged to the royal families Sobieski and Radziwill in the XVII-XVIII centuries. In the courtyard of the castle one will see the late renaissance Grand Palace and a unique monument of architecture - The Chinese Palace. Apart from Zolochev, there are only 2 palaces of the kind in Europe (in the San-Souci in Potsdam and Oranienbaum near St. Petersburg). 

Day 4  : Bus city tour, tour to renaissance town of Zholkva, departure

In the morning one could choose either a tour to Zholkva (30 km from Lviv), which introduces a single preserved specimen of an "ideal" city-fortress of the Renaissance epoch at the territory of Ukraine or a bus city tour that includes splendid city panorama from theHigh Castle hill, observing masterpieces of neo-renaissance architecture of XIX-XX cc. - Lviv Polytechnic - the oldest technical university in the Eastern Europe, Potocky’s Palace with the largest in the country art gallery, George Hotel designed by the famous Viennese architects F. Felmer and G. Gelmer, visit of the ancient Galician churges and St. George (Yura) Cathedral - the main Greek-Catholic cathedral of Lviv. 

Departure in the afternoon.