03 September 2019


Hello dear Bobby,


In a word, PERFECT! As you know, you worked and put together an extensive 4/5 country tour package for Vicki and I and what you managed to put together went remarkably well in every way possible. With very little exception, this trip now ranks as the best of our many trips, which considering the now 67 countries on all 7 continents around the globe we visited, is a big statement.


I only have a few feedback suggestions and a request:


1)      Be more specific with US based guest re the hotel standards, e.g., a standard room in the US is a superior room in Europe.

05 August 2018

McRae Russa trip

Dear Bobby, as you may recall, Matthew wanted to arrange our recent tour of Russia as part of our 25th Anniversary celebration. Since he did it for me, I wanted to email you with my impressions. From the greeting at the Moscow Airport by our tour guide, Marina, to the last good-bye from Elena at the St. Petersburg airport, all went extremely well. Our only hiccup was not knowing who was taking us to Suzdal but that was easily resolved. Every entry to museums, palaces and venues was eased by the knowledgeable guides. Our extra tour to Kizhi Island was amazing and the guest house was perfect as our room overlooked the lake. Food in any of the restaurants or personal homes was plentiful and delicious. Hotels were indeed 5 star.

18 May 2018

Our trip was truly wonderful.

Hi Alex, Our trip was truly wonderful. Both cities with their museums, palaces, and cathedrals were were awe inspiring, and we learned so much about history and culture. We had beautiful weather, and that made the visit even more perfect. The Bolshoi ballet was a wonderful experience, as was the Verdi opera at the Marinsky theater. We also (by chance) happened upon a free acappella concert in St Isaac's cathedral which was very beautiful, and so perfect in that gorgeous location.

04 September 2017

Connoisseur's Private Russian Tour

As I have completed my tour to Russia, It gives me great pleasure to commend you and your team on the expert and professional performance. All the Tour guides, Namely, Nikolai in Moscow, Olga in the Golden Ring Route and Maria in St. Peters-burg were very friendly knowledgeable and helpful with good command of English. The drivers were expert and safe. I and my family, have really enjoyed our visit to this beautiful country. Thank you again and your company will be on my favorite list when planning my next trip. – Walid Aliyafi -

27 October 2014

I enjoyed my trip to Russia

Dear Alex, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my trip to Russia. I learned so much about the history of Russia and the Russian people. Your agency has put together a trip that I would recommend to anyone. The knowledge, information and insights into the Russian culture by the tour guides (Olga in Moscow) and Maria (Novgorod and St. Petersburg) made this trip such a special experience that I will never forget it. This trip far exceeded my expectations. - Jo Ann -
27 October 2014

a fantastic time

Dear Dora, Sorry I haven't written sooner to tell you what a fantastic time we had on the Three Capitals tour to Kiev, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Thank you for all your help and patience in organizing a wonderful tour for us. It was exceptionally well planned and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Everything went very smoothly and the guides were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and always prompt. The hotels were very nice and it was good of you to move us to the Marriot Hotel in St. Petersburg. It was a little more out of the way but it had a shuttle bus into town and had a safe in the room and other modern conveniences that we did not have at the Asteria. The Churches, Cathedrals, Palaces, Metro in Moscow and Museums, especially the Hermitage were magnificent and it was such a special feeling to be in the famous Red Square. Also, we were surprised to find how modern 'downtown' Moscow and St. Petersburg are and how friendly and helpful the Russian people were in both cities. The train from Moscow to St. Petersburg was a pleasant surprise. Very comfortable, modern, clean and they even served 3 choices of breakfast in the morning. I will definitely recommend the Three Capitals tour and East-West Tours to my friends. And, when I decide to go back to Russia again, will most certainly go with your company. Thank you again. Best regards, Mary - Mary -

I wish to thank you for all your help in planning our trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow. All went very well. The train ride was uneventful. We did need some assistance from the concierge at our hotel in St. Petersburg in deciphering the signs in the railroad station. We had her write our the words "departure" and "arrival" in Russian, so we would know what track our train would be leaving.