30 October 2019

A great trip from Stockholm to St. Petersburg

We have just come back from a Stockholm-Helsinki-St Ptersburg-Tallinn-Stockholm trip on Princess Anastasia organised via East-West Tours and would recommend it highly. The ship is not the newest but it's well-maintained, the staff were efficient and helpful, and the food was varied and good, We chose a De-Luxe cabin (not really a fair description but it was quite comfortable and reasonably well-equipped) in order to benefit from the priority disembarkation and embarkation, which was well worthwhile.

25 September 2019

Stockholm - Helsinki - St. Petersburg - Tallin - Stockholm Cruise

I really enjoyed my trip! The guide and the hotel in St. Petersburg were awesome. The places we visited in St. Petersburg were amazing as well. I also enjoyed the time on the boat. The food was great. Moreover, I enjoyed the time in Helsinki and Tallin. I only had a few hours in these cities, but with good planning it is possible to make the most of these hours. I also liked the fact the tour was starting in Stockholm in the evening and ending in Stockholm in the morning. That gave me some time to visit Stockholm. – Laurianne -

09 September 2019

I just wanted you to know the Visa Free Cruise to St Petersburg, Estonia and Stockholm was amazing

Hi Dora-

I just wanted you to know the Visa Free Cruise to St Petersburg, Estonia and Stockholm was amazing.  What made the St Pete portion so great was our guide, Olga, and driver, Vitaly.  First of all, my wife and I were the only ones on the tour.  Second, Olga was amazing.  Her energy, knowledge and understanding were outstanding.  She is everything a guide should be and an amazing photographer.  My wife and I have never had so many great pictures together.  Vitaly was an unsung hero.  Always getting us close to the destinations and there for the pick-up.  It was our first time with East West Tours but wanted to tell you what a great job you and the entire team did.  We are

10 July 2019

A great tour to St Petersburg with an excellent tour guide

The cruise from Helsinki went well. The meals were good. Our only issue was the departure process at St Petersburg, where people were lining the corridors waiting for their time to leave so we had to squeeze past them to get to the doors. On previous tours we've been assembled in the dining room and given numbers to sort out the departure groups. Our Tour guide Maria (Marsha) was excellent. She was very knowledgeable and was able to adapt when some of the party were delayed getting off the ship and through customs. Altogether we'd highly recommend this 5 day tour by East-West Tours – Chris Appleby -

21 June 2019


We went on this 6 night 7 day program starting and ending in Stockholm with a two night stay in St. Petersburg, Russia. Our guide in St. Petersburg was a friendly and lovely young woman who spoke very good English and told us many interesting things about all the sites we visited or saw. We were glad that we had chosen Commodore Class for the ferry since that gave us prioritized Disembarkation in each of the ports we visited while on the ferry. Included was the meal plan on the ferry which provided us with a large selection of food choices at their morning and evening buffets. The Akyan Hotel we stayed at in St. Petersburg was extremely nice with excellent service. – Mike -

31 July 2018

Baltic Ferry Cruise from Stockholm, to Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallin

This tour went to some amazing places. Dora was very reassuring that it would be ok in spite of rising tensions between nations and Russia. St. Petersburg was one of the most amazing cities we have ever been to and it was made even more enjoyable with the fabulous guide we had, Masha. She was so knowledgable about everything we saw but more than that, she went above the call of duty in helping us get to the World Cup. We can't recommend her highly enough. We felt very safe in St. Petersburg – not at all what we were expecting. The ferry staterooms were very, very basic, but food on the ferry was varied and plentiful, also including wine and beer. All in total, fantastic trip!!! Thank you Dora! – Linda Cantner -

I wish to thank you for all your help in planning our trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow. All went very well. The train ride was uneventful. We did need some assistance from the concierge at our hotel in St. Petersburg in deciphering the signs in the railroad station. We had her write our the words "departure" and "arrival" in Russian, so we would know what track our train would be leaving.