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St. Petersburg - Moscow by M/S "Mustai Karim"

8 days
7 nights






Book by 11/1/2011
$ 3,065.00 (Standard (middle deck))
$ 5,365.00 (Standard (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 3,205.00 (Standard (boat deck))
$ 5,610.00 (Standard (boat deck) - sgl)
$ 3,300.00 (Deluxe (middle deck))
$ 5,775.00 (Deluxe (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 3,435.00 (Deluxe (boat deck))
$ 6,020.00 (Deluxe (boat deck) - sgl)
$ 3,675.00 (Deluxe (upper deck))
$ 6,440.00 (Deluxe (upper deck) - sgl)
$ 4,000.00 (Jr. Suite (upper deck))
$ 8,000.00 (Jr. Suite (upper deck) - sgl)
$ 4,475.00 (Suite (middle deck))
$ 8,945.00 (Suite (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 5,180.00 (Owner's Suite (middle deck))
$10,355.00 (Owner's Suite (middle deck) - sgl)

Book after 11/1/2021
$ 3,920.00 (Standard (middle deck))
$ 6,860.00 (Standard (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 4,105.00 (Standard (boat deck))
$ 7,195.00 (Standard (boat deck) - sgl)
$ 4,235.00 (Deluxe (middle deck))
$ 7,415.00 (Deluxe (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 4,420.00 (Deluxe (boat deck))
$ 7,740.00 (Deluxe (boat deck) - sgl)
$ 4,735.00 (Deluxe (upper deck))
$ 8,295.00 (Deluxe (upper deck) - sgl)
$ 5,180.00 (Jr. Suite (upper deck))
$10,355.00 (Jr. Suite (upper deck) - sgl)
$ 5,795.00 (Suite (middle deck))
$11,595.00 (Suite (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 6,730.00 (Owner's Suite (middle deck))
$13,460.00 (Owner's Suite (middle deck) - sgl)


May 25, 2022 - Jun 01, 2022 
Jun 13, 2022 - Jun 20, 2022 
Jun 29, 2022 - Jul 06, 2022 
Sep 17, 2022 - Sep 24, 2022 
Oct 03, 2022 - Oct 10, 2022 15% discount
Oct 19, 2022 - Nov 26, 2022 15% discount

Cabin Description:


Guaranteed accommodation according to your reservation
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian speaking guides onboard
On board entertainmentincluding Russian language course and Russian songs lessons, live music concerts, dancing music in bars nightly, Captain’s bridge tour, etc
Excursion programd etailed in the cruise itinerary
Luggage handling in river ports and on board the ship
Use of cabin safe

Included meals:
full board, three meals per day (from the dinner on the arrival day to the breakfast on the departure day)
Breakfast onboard is buffetstyle
Water in the pitchers on the table is provided during breakfast, as well as tea/ coffee
Buffet line has cocoa, milk, juice in assortment, as well as numerous hot and cold dishes to guests' choice
Lunch onboard is buffetstyle
Dinner onboard isserved according to the menu:
Main course (a choice of 3 – meat or fish or vegetarian)
Dessert (a choice of 2 or fruit)
Water in the pitchers on the table is provided during dinner, as well as tea/ coffee is served.
1 glass of red/white wine or juice is included for each dinner

Not included services:
Transfers and gratuities
Optional excursions(available on board)
Personal spendings
Cabin numbers are provid

The following events are organized for guests onboard the ship:
welcome “bread and salt” ceremony on the embarkation day
welcome cocktail including 1 glass of champagne or juice per pax
“Russian tea ceremony” with tea and Russian pies and “Vodka show” with vodka and blini tasting
Cocktail party – once per tour – 1 cocktail to choose out of 3 cocktails per 1 pax
Captain’s dinner with up scaled menu
BBQ outdoorsin Mandrogui (instead of lunch onboard,subject to the weather conditions)
Mulled wine (during cold weather)/ Ice tea (during hot weather) upon returning to ship fter shore excursions
Coffee-station for early risers


Day 1  : St. Petersburg

Welcome to Russia, welcome to our magnificent ship Mustai Karim! Start your journey by exploring the "Northern Capital of Russia". During bus city tour you will see celebrated sights including Smolny convent, Summer Garden, Winter palace, the Spire of the Basil, Bronze Horseman, St.Isaac´s cathedral, Nevsky prospekt.

Day 2  : Valaam

Valaam is the largest of the islands of the Valaam archipelago in the northern part of Lake Ladoga. The famous Orthodox shrines are situated on its territory, where for centuries truly unique examples of Russian church architecture have been preserved.

Day 3  : Mandrogui

Take a walk around the village of Mandrogui! In Mandrogui you will have an opportunity to enjoy the peaceful scenery and picturesque landscape. Visit traditional Russian village with typical wooden houses, numerous crafts exhibitions, Russian pancake and pies houses and Museum of Vodka.

Day 4  : Kizhi

Set foot on this unique island in the Onega lake and begin your journey in open-air museum of wooden architecture. The Architectural Ensemble of the Kizhi Pogost is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site.

Day 5  : Goritsy

Today, after passing through the Volga-Baltic Canal, our ship will stop in the village of Goritsy, surrounded by forests of the Vologda region. This land is famous for its monasteries, which history is closely connected with the history of Russia. You’ll have a chance to visit one of them.

Day 6  : Uglich

An ancient town filled with brightly colored architecture. Its Kremlin and the Church of St. Dmitry are particularly famous – the church’s fascinating history is tied to the life and death of Ivan the Terrible’s son.

Day 7  : Disembark in Moscow

After relaxing day onboard and dinner, you’ll disembark from the Mustai Karim.
We hope you’ve had a wonderful journey on board with us, and we hope to see you again soon!