Russia is a very attractive travel destination due to its changeable seasons. Summer, spring and fall are usually crowded with tourists, but have you ever thought about travel to Russian for your winter holidays? Cold and snowing - which is how many people picture Russia. Yes, it may be cold and snowy, but winter makes Russia romantic and full of unforgettable authentic experiences when snowfall sprinkles the streets, palaces, statues and churches. Besides, no long lines for some of Moscow and St Petersburg’s points of interest, and what is more, you’re more likely to have the sights entirely for yourself.

What to do in Russia in winter? What are the best places to visit in Russia in winter? East West Tours, the leading Russian tour operator for English speakers travelling to Russia have the answers. Celebrate Christmas and New Years in Moscow or St. Petersburg, visit Murmansk for a hance to see the Northern Lights, or to truly get into the winter spirit, go for Siberia tour packages. You will experience Baikal’s beauty, glance through a metre-thick ice, and enjoy crystal clear air surrounded by beautiful white landscapes.


Trans Siberian Winter Train Tour
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Russia travel in winter is not that hard when you do it by a comfortable heated train that will take you all the way through Russia and Mongolia (with a possible extension to Beijing). Visiting the most exciting winter spots in Siberia, going on troika sleigh ride and strolling through a snow-covered forest in the crisp morning sun could make your unforgettable Russian winter holidays. Enjoy the best of Russia in winter.
13 days
12 nights
Feb 22, 2019 - Mar 06, 2019 
Russian Winter Wonderland
Small group
8 days
7 nights
Dec 29, 2018 - Jan 05, 2018 
Russian Northern Lights Train Tour
Discover Russian warmth in the cold Russian winter. Explore Russia during the most festive time of the year, visit the best places in Moscow, St. Petersburg , Petrozavodsk, Murmansk and Vologda. Search for Northern Lights and experience traditional Russian winter activities.
10 days
9 nights
Daily during the following periods:
Dec 26 - Jan 04 
Russian New Year's Extravaganza Tour
Russia in December and January meets you with festive decorations. Explore the spirit of the Russian New Year on this special Russian Extravaganza adventure, see New Year's celebrations in the Red Square, visit famous landmarks, celebrate winter and holidays in Russian style. Enjoy your exceptional Russian winter holidays!
8 days
7 nights
Dec 29, 2018 - Jan 05, 2019 
Tom & I made it back home safe and sound. Let me restate how much we enjoyed your country and hometown: it was wonderful. And you helped to make it so. Your command of information and fine presentation of that knowledge is first class. We will always remember our visit. Best wishes to you. Philip Desiere