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Rating: 5
Hi, Dora! Please accept my apology for not having contacted you before now to thank you for the wonderful tour of Russia that my wife and I participated in last July. We had a wonderful group of travelers with us (there were nine of us in total), and we enjoyed every aspect of the tour. Our tour guides, Nadia in Moscow and Masha in St. Petersburg, were terrific. We enjoyed listening to their narrations, and being able to talk them on a personal level about life in Russia. They were both extremely knowledgeable about the places we visited. Nadia even did research on her own to answer questions that she wasn't sure about. My wife and I remained for four extra days at the end of the tour, and stayed in an apartment in Moscow (I had asked for your opinion on it at the time we booked it, and you had indicated that it was in a good location. It turned out to be very nice, and it was convenient for getting around town, and for catching the train to the airport for our flight home). During that part of the trip, we visited the museums that dealt with Soviet times and the Gulags. We were also able to visit Lenin's tomb, which had not fit into our tour schedule the week before. Not all pleasant stuff, but still integral parts of Russia's history. You might want to consider developing a tour with more of a focus on that side of Russia or integrating it into your existing tours. (That's in no way a criticism of the tour we were on, just food for thought.) I appreciate all of the assistance you provided in setting up our tour, and all of the logistics involved in getting our group to where we were supposed to be each day. The accomodations on the tour far exceeded expectations, so we were quite comfortable. No complaints whatsoever. So, again, thank you for your assistance. Hopefully we will be able participate in another East-West tour someday! Best regards, Richard Wynne

Hopefully we will be able participate in another East-West tour someday!

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