May 29, 2014

Review about Russia Express with Novgorod by Thomas and Jane

Rating: 4
Hi Alex, Just wanted to let you know we had a great Russia Express trip - I would do it again. We loved our guides, Natasha and Julia. They were extremely knowledgeable and spoke excellent English. All of our pick ups were on time with no issues. The Petr 1 hotel in Moscow was perfect - great location, excellent service! We appreciated very much half a day hotel in Novgorod which was absolutely fantastic to be able to have some private rest after the train ride. It was so thoughtful of you! The train was certainly a Russian experience and we like it. All in all a most successful adventure - we saw, learned and experienced so much. Thanks for all your help! We loved visiting Russia! - Thomas and Jane
Thomas and Jane
This tour of Russia is designed for the best perception of the historical connections between Russian capitals and about the emergence and development of Russian culture and religion. The Great Novgorod actually was a capital of ancient Russia according to one version of the Chronicles. Its influence spread from the Urals to Lithuania, and at that time Great Novgorod was the largest state in Europe. Its Kremlin is older than Moscow’s and comparing these two cities is an exciting discovery. The history of St. Petersburg began much later and witnessed the remarkable rise and fall of the Russian monarchy.