December 01, 2017

Review about Moscow - St. Petersburg M/S "Georgy Chicherin" by Natali, Luxembourg

Rating: 4
We had a nice holiday on the Volga river. It was a very beautiful time with lots of experience and fun. We were so impressed with the vessel itself, the food and the service. The crew were friendly, smiling, accommodating and efficient. All activities were well planned. Guided excursions were interesting with knowledgeable guides. We were impressed by the possibility to attend concerts every night performed by opera stars, a pianist, and an accordionist. The time on this cruise went very fast and we were sorry when it came to the end. Cruises on the Volga river can only be recommended very highly. Natali, Luxembourg - Natali, Luxembourg -
Natali, Luxembourg
Volga River cruise on M/S ★GEORGY CHICHERIN★ from Moscow to St. Petersburg is an exciting river tour that will introduce you to Moscow and St. Petersburg, small towns en route and amazing Russian landscape.