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Alex: Thank you again for following up with me in connection with the above referenced trip. Kathy and I enjoyed the trip very much and we sincerely appreciated all of your guidance and expertise in helping us plan and organize it. It really makes a tremendous difference to have a travel agent, like you, who is knowledgeable about the destination and genuinely interested in the welfare of the client. I tried unsuccessfully to sing the praises of both you and East-West Tours on Trip Advisor but was unable to find the appropriate place to do so on it's website. Unfortunately tour companies and travel agents are not included on it's website for traveler reviews. If you are aware of a forum in which I may post my comments please advise me of the same and I will be pleased to do it. I only stumbled across the website of East-West Tours while surfing the internet in a desperate attempt to find a travel agency which specialized in Eastern Europe and Russia. I think other travelers who are planning a trip to this area would be well advised to select East-West Tours and you in particular as their tour company and travel agent. I look forward to working with you again on our next trip to Russia perhaps on the Trans-Siberian Express train from Vladivostok to Moscow. Kind regards, Peter L. Harlan
Moskow - Ulaan Bataar TRANS-MONGOLIAN EXPRESS by ★GOLDEN EAGLE★ Train with East West Tours. Read a detailed review and see our specials tours & cruises.