November 27, 2017

Review about From Sea to Sea - Grand Adventure Tour by Steve Cann and friends , Singapore

Rating: 5
On behalf of our group I would like to thank you (Nordic Saga travel company) for so well organized trip across Russia to Mongolia and China. It was a very long trip of 19 days, however, it took us longer to get prepared for it. For over 6 months were brushing up the itinerary to get what we really wanted. Our initial plan was to do it all ourselves but very soon we understood that the experience of professionals was inevitable as the countries we wanted to visit were totally unfamiliar to us. Honestly, we were never sorry to book this trip with East West Tours. They arranged everything perfectly and we had only to enjoy it. Even when things didn't go as expected the guides did their best to offer us alternatives which were as good and even better, I guess. This kind of experience we had in Irkutsk when we were invited to traditional Russain dinner by a local family. Our best regards to Irina and her family! Russain trains for the most part were good. We were advised to book private compartments and we were very glad we did so. The compartment usually were very small but we were able to do washing and hang it up in our compartment. The long train journeys were with fairly unchanging scenery sometimes, which was not a problem as we met interesting people on the trains to share our experiences while enjoying fairly good food served in train restaurants. We also bought food at bigger stations or from local ladies, which was also nothing to worry about. This was a journey I would very much like to do again. With kind regars, Steve Cann and friends , Singapore
Steve Cann and friends , Singapore

From Sea to Sea - Grand Adventure Tour - a lifetime experience

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