November 22, 2016

Review about Vladivostok - Moscow Winter Wonderland by "Golden Eagle" Train by Mary Crawford

Rating: 5
Golden Eagle "Winter Wonderland" tour - a trip of a lifetime .. Unforgettable After planning for around 6 months for this trip we were finally in Vlodivostok boarding the Golden Eagle luxury Trans-Siberian train for traveling to Moscow. The planning was long but all went very smoothly as East West Tours travel company( agent Dora and her colleagues) did their best to offer what we exactly wanted and helped us to elaborate all the details. They worked very efficiently and fast. Thank you, guys! On a cold winter’s night we were greeted by a band playing on the platform to meet us. Our cabin had heated floor, private shower and all what was needed for a warm and comfortable journey. Our tour leader Nastya was nice and helpful in all matters. The trip was simply AMAZING !! The staff and especially Nastya were very attentive. The food choices at all meals were excellent. Vodka and wine were included at meals and in the bar. The time spent on the train were not boring at all, we enjoyed ourselves with the views and chats with lovely co-travelers, trying to learn some of the Russian language or listening to music. Local tours were well prepared and simply wonderful. I especially liked a day on the frozen Lake Baikal and the overnight stay in the village of the Old Believers. What an opportunity to feel the local atmosphere! When finally we disembarked in Moscow we were transferred to the Ritz hotel and had a final farewell dinner . A wonderful trip. We brought home many lovely memories, and photos, to bring us back to this fantastic trip. Would definitely recommend this journey and travel company East West Tours. This company was the only one to bother with our endless questions and concerns. Ms and Mr Crawford, Boston - Mary Crawford -
Mary Crawford

Golden Eagle "Winter Wonderland" tour - a trip of a lifetime .. Unforgettable