November 20, 2017

Review about Moscow to Beijing by Imperial Russia Train by Amadeo, Australia

Rating: 5
The journey by train was a great experience. We were scared that it would be boring but the time went very fast. I thought I’d read tons of books but no chance, snacks, drinks, chats with other travelers and the day was over. Service on the train was often very slow, but we didn't complain about that as we enjoyed the scenery through the window and always had someone to chat with. In Moscow we stayed at a modern functional hotel with friendly staff and good location. City tours were just excellent. In Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, the hotel was comfortable in a historical center with nice views. Yekaterinburg a very interesting city, named after Peter the Great's wife, Empress Ekaterina, located at the border of Europe and Asia with a rich history. The guide there was very passionate about the history so we got a lot to take away. A picnic lunch at Lake Baikal offered us delicious home-made food with fantastic views all around us. I only wish we had spent more time in the lake surroundings and on it. In Irkutsk the architectural museum was impressive and the Decembrists’ story captivating. In Ulan Ude the folklore program in a traditional Buryat Yurt was unforgettable. Too little time spent there, though, again. Beijing crowned it all. The breathtaking Great Wall , Forbidden City and small hutongs captivated us. We decided to return to this city some time in the future to spend more time on Chinese culture. To conclude, it was a truly memorable trip. On top of all this, I would like to thank your organization (East West Tours) for arranging all this for us. Without your help we wouldn't have been able to get all visas so smoothly and the information you provided was exceptionally useful. All very much appreciated. With kind regards, Amadeo, Australia
Amadeo, Australia

The journey by train was a great experience

Transsiberian Journey by private train from Moscow to Beijing by private train through Russia and Mongolia