November 19, 2017

Review about TSAR's GOLD Trans Siberian St. Petersburg - Ulan Bator by Rito Kim

Rating: 5
Hi, We would like to thank Nordic Saga (East West Tours) for helping us to get from Ulan Bator to Moscow in the most fantastic way! It was not a simple journey. It was most informative and relaxing at the same time. We traveled to Mongolia on our own and spent there a week exploring the country. I don't need to mention that this was awful to be responsible for everything and have it all on your own especially in the country you know so little about. It was the best idea to contact Nordic Saga and ask for their help to get to Moscow in a more relaxing way. They offered to take the Trans Siberian Tour by Private " Tsar's Gold" Train from Ulan Bator to Moscow. We didn't regret a bit taking their advice. We liked the train, the service on it, entertainment, the places we visited, especially Lake Baikal made an unforgettable impression on us, to say nothing about Moscow. Thank you, Nordic Saga. We look forward to new trips offered by you. Rito Kim and friends
Rito Kim
Unforgettable Transsiberian tour across Russia and Mongolia thru Ural Mountains to the shores of Lake Baikal shores and Mongolian steppe, private trans siberian tour with East West Tours