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Persian Explorer from Tehran Round-Trip

12 days
11 nights





$ 3,925.00 (Cat. Habibi)
$ 5,700.00 (Cat. Ali Baba)
$ 6,400.00 (Cat. Aladdin)
$14,025.00 (Cat. Sultan)


Apr 12, 2018 - Apr 23, 2018 call us
Oct 18, 2018 - Oct 29, 2018 call us

Ships & Cabins:


  • Tehran - Laleh Hotel or similar
  • Yazd - Hotel Kowsar or similar
  • Isfahan - Hotel Kowsar or similar
  • Persepolis - Chamran Grand Hotel


  • Five nights aboard the Persian Explorer private train.
  • Six nights of first-class hotel accommodations.
  • All meals as per itinerary, plus caviar tasting and two feature meals.
  • Porter service at all train stations.
  • All transfers in modern, air-conditioned buses.
  • Excursions detailed in the itinerary including entry fees.
  • A Lernidee tour director throughout the journey.
  • Local English-speaking guides for a maximum of 28 guests.
  • An on board doctor.
  • Traditional welcoming ceremonies at the Doab and Sa’adat Shahr stations.
  • A travel guidebook and extensive trip information.

Highlights & Experience:

  • Stops in Mashhad, Kerman, Mahan, Yazd, Isfahan, Shiraz and Tehran.
  • Six UNESCO World Heritage sites Isfahan, Pasargadae, Persepolis, , Shiraz, Eram Garden, Golestan Palace.
  • Rayen Castle, a massive medieval mudbrick citadel.
  • A traditional Iranian zurkhaneh (house of strength) gymnasium.
  • A Zoroastrian fire temple.
  • Golestan Palace in Tehran.


Visit sprawling archeological treasures dating back millennia on this exclusive 2,700-mile trip aboard the Persian Explorer. Marvel at the grandeur of Isfahan’s royal architecture and take in the untamed vistas of the Alborz Mountains, traveling in the contemporary comfort of your private train.

Day 1  : Tehran

Arrive in the Iranian capital Tehran to begin your Persian adventure. Relax after your flight in this bustling city, a modern contrast to the trip to your very own 1001 Nights that awaits.

Overnight in Tehran.

Day 2  : Railroad Adventure in the Alborz Mountains

Good morning! Your special train awaits you at Tehran station to take you into the magic wonderland of the Alborz mountain range. Every color of the rainbow stretches in front of you in the constantly changing vista. Wine reds, luscious greens, evening skies like glistening jewels … is this planet Earth or a bewitching tapestry you see? You’re at almost 8,000 feet (2,400 meters) above sea level, but without a hint of discomfort, as your chartered train sweeps you along the crest of this natural giant. Look out the window—there’s the Caspian Sea glittering beneath you. Your hotel on wheels masters the bends, tunnels and beautiful viaducts of this scenic route, including the elegant and historic icon, the Veresk Bridge. As you retire for your first night on board, your private train peacefully pulls north-east. (BLD)

Day 3  : Mashhad

Iran’s second city Mashhad is one of the seven holy sites of Shiite Islam. Tour the majestic shrine of Imam Reza, an important pilgrimage site. Decorated with the finest marbles and topped with a golden dome and minarets, this complex is a wonder to behold.

You visit the adjacent sanctuary, home to some of the country’s most priceless works of art.

Overnight on board. (BLD)

Day 4  : Shrine and Prince’s Garden

Your day begins as your train takes you through the cinematic desert landscapes of the Iranian Highlands. You’re making your way to the historical city of Kerman, famous for its carpets. An excursion takes you to the oasis of Mahan. You visit the shrine of renowned Iranian Sufi saint and poet, Shah Nematollah Vali. Its gleaming, azure blue dome and superbly decorated complex are shining examples of Oriental architecture. The nearby Prince’s Garden is equally exquisite and tranquil, the stunning, cascading waterfalls taking center stage. Afterwards, retire to your hotel in Kerman to relax and reflect on a day of beauty for the eye, mind and soul. (BLD)

Day 5  : Loot Desert and the Traditional Trade Center of Kerman

Take advantage of the crisp morning air to visit the Loot Desert. The vast planes and impressive rock formations of this staggering salt desert are unforgettable and a World Heritage Site. After lunch, take a guided tour of Kerman, and visit the imposing, cubic Friday Mosque and the lavish, intimate Ganj Ali Khan Mosque. Local specialties at an authentic tea house accompany the perfect moment to reflect, before boarding your private train and setting off into the setting dusk. (BLD)

Day 6  : Yazd, City of Fire

Up ahead, you see tawny towers dotting the skyline of your next stop, Yazd. Innovative desert dwellers have used these wind-catchers to cool off for centuries.

This city’s remote location has kept it an important center for Zoroastrianism. You discover more about this ancient faith at a tower of silence once used for funeral rites, and at a traditional fire temple, where one ritual flame has burned for over 1,500 years. Upon arrival in Isfahan, enjoy dinner under the stars in a courtyard where traveling caravans once sought refreshment.

Overnight: Hotel Kowsar or similar. (BLD)

Day 7  : Isfahan

Welcome to one of the most magnificent cities of the seventeenth-century. Standing in the middle of the vast Imam Square, the second-largest public space on Earth and one of its most beautiful, it’s easy to understand how this UNESCO World Heritage site became known as image of the world by its many admirers.

Confirm that the grandeur of that Persian proverb still holds true, as you survey the ornate mosques, bustling bazaars and lavish gardens from the towering balcony of the Ali Qapu royal palace.

Overnight in Isfahan. (BLD)

Day 8  : Isfahan

Explore the city, tempted by the charm and wares of the merchants and gold market. Be sure not to miss the Si-o-seh Pol at dusk, with this iconic bridge’s 33 arches glowing gold and spanning the Zayandeh River, before your time in this unique place ends. (BLD)

Day 9  : Pasargadae and Persepolis, UNESCO World Heritage Sites

True archeological treasures await you today, as you explore the ancient cities of the Persian kings. Go first to Pasargadae, the capital created by Cyrus the Great in the sixth-century BC. His simple tomb watches over the remnants of this long-gone civilization.

Then travel to nearby Persepolis, the ceremonial center eventually ransacked by Alexander the Great. Pass huge stone gates carved with mythical creatures, stand amid palatial ruins—Apadana Palace and the Naqsh-e-Rostam necropolis—or simply wander through the streets of antiquity, taking in the immensity of this cultural wonder.


Day 10  : Shiraz

Head to Shiraz, the city of poets, and the lush greenery of a UNESCO World Heritage site: the Persian paradise gardens.

The word paradise comes from the Persian expression walled garden. Stroll past ornamental pools and date palms at the famous Eram Garden, or visit another of the several historic gardens, all offering their unique flavor of paradise.

Shiraz was fertile ground for the fourteenth-century Persian poet Hafez, now considered an Iranian national treasure. A true bon vivant, he would surely approve of you relaxing among the leafy environs at his tomb. Round off your day by experiencing one of the finest winter prayer halls in the world at Nasir-al-Molk Mosque, then a burst of green sparkle and glitter inside the stunning Shah Cheragh Mosque.

Overnight on board. (BLD)

Day 11  : Tehran

Bid farewell to the Persian Explorer, but continue your adventure back in this incredible capital.

Tehran is a busy and lively place, but it also has sanctuaries of tranquility and calm. Tour the peaceful grounds of the royal Golestan Palace before stopping in the Mirror Hall to see the opulence of the shah’s life.

Or visit the city’s famed National Museum, filled with priceless archeological treasures, and learn of historic milestones of your journey back in time. Equally impressive is the sweeping Azadi Tower, built in 1971 and Tehran’s answer to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Overnight: Hotel Laleh or similar. (BLD)

Day 12  : Farewell Iran

You transfer to the airport and look back at your railroad voyage. You’ve become a Persian explorer.

Cultural Considerations: Visitors to Iran are required to abide by the same rules of dress as local residents. Men should avoid shorts, as well as shirts exposing their shoulders. Women should wear headscarves covering their hair and avoid form-fitting clothing. Arms and legs must be completely covered and jackets should extend to below the waist. Alcohol is prohibited throughout the journey.


  • (B) = Breakfast
  • (L) = Lunch
  • (D) = Dinner