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Explore Russian Volga River onboard brand new luxury "Mustai Karim"

13 days
12 nights





Book by 11/1/2011
$ 5,500.00 (Standard (middle deck))
$ 9,625.00 (Standard (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 5,745.00 (Standard (boat deck))
$10,055.00 (Standard (boat deck) - sgl)
$ 5,920.00 (Deluxe (middle deck))
$10,365.00 (Deluxe (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 6,170.00 (Deluxe (boat deck))
$10,805.00 (Deluxe (boat deck) - sgl)
$ 6,590.00 (Deluxe (upper deck))
$11,540.00 (Deluxe (upper deck) - sgl)
$ 7,185.00 (Jr. Suite (upper deck))
$14,365.00 (Jr. Suite (upper deck) - sgl)
$ 8,020.00 (Suite (middle deck))
$16,040.00 (Suite (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 9,285.00 (Owner's Suite (middle deck))
$18,570.00 (Owner's Suite (middle deck) - sgl)

Book after 11/1/2021
$ 7,040.00 (Standard (middle deck))
$12,320.00 (Standard (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 7,370.00 (Standard (boat deck))
$12,905.00 (Standard (boat deck) - sgl)
$ 7,600.00 (Deluxe (middle deck))
$13,310.00 (Deluxe (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 7,945.00 (Deluxe (boat deck))
$13,905.00 (Deluxe (boat deck) - sgl)
$ 8,505.00 (Deluxe (upper deck))
$14,885.00 (Deluxe (upper deck) - sgl)
$ 9,285.00 (Jr. Suite (upper deck))
$18,570.00 (Jr. Suite (upper deck) - sgl)
$ 9,305.00 (Suite (middle deck))
$20,815.00 (Suite (middle deck) - sgl)
$12,090.00 (Owner's Suite (middle deck))
$24,180.00 (Owner's Suite (middle deck) - sgl)


Aug 27, 2022 - Sep 08, 2022 

Cabin Description:


Day 1  : Rostov-on-Don

Welcome to Russia and our magnificent ship Mustai Karim! You will spend the evening getting to know your fellow travelers, sharing an exquisite dinner, which is served for you in the restaurant on the main deck.

Day 2  : Romanovskaya

You will visit one of the oldest Cossack villages on the banks of the Don river. It was founded in 1672 by the Cossack military ataman Ivan Chershinsky. The settlement was named in memory of the events of the Time of Troubles and in honor of the centuries-old relations with the House of Romanov.

Day 3  : Ilyevka

Today you

Day 4  : Volgograd

During the sightseeing bus tour you will get acquainted with the main tourist attractions of Volgograd: central promenade, monument - an obelisk in the Square of Fallen Fighters, Lenin Square, Pavlov’s House, Ruins Grudinin’s mill. You

Day 5  : Saratov

On the right bank of the Volga lies the ancient Russian city of Saratov. You

Day 6  : Samara

Today you will visit a beautiful, ancient city of the Middle Volga region – Samara. See the local places of interest such as Revolution Square, Philharmonic and Catholic Church.

Day 7  : Kazan


Day 8  : Cheboksary

Today you’ll enjoy the bus city tour in the capital of the Republic of Chuvashia, located on the right bank of the Volga river – the town Cheboksary. Monuments of architecture are organically combined with the modern embankment, decorated with a lattice with a national ornament.

Day 9  : Nizhny Novgorod and Gorodets

Nizhny Novgorod was founded in 1221 as a fortress on the right bank of the Volga river at the place where it merged with the Oka river. Now Nizhny Novgorod is a large industrial, cultural and transport center of the Middle Volga.
Gorodets is a lovely town, the oldest one in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Colorful wooden houses with carved architraves, many museums, a well-groomed embankment and world-famous gingerbread houses - this place can surprise anyone.

Day 10  : Plyos

Today you’ll get familiar with the “Jewel” of the Volga, the city of Plyos, during the guided walking tour around the historical part of the town and visit to the museum of legendary Russian landscape painter Isaak Levitan.

Day 11  : Yaroslavl

Today you

Day 12  : Uglich

Uglich is an ancient town filled with brightly colored architecture. Its Kremlin and the Church of St. Dmitry are particularly famous – the church’s fascinating history is tied to the life and death of Ivan the Terrible’s son. After walking tour, relax as the sounds of Kovcheg Choir wash over you.

Day 13  : Disembark in Moscow

After relaxing breakfast and lunch onboard, you’ll disembark from the Mustai Karim. We hope you’ve had a wonderful journey on board with us, and we hope to see you again