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Russian Volga River cruise by luxury 5* M/S "Musai Karim"

12 days
11 nights





per cabin

Book by 11/1/2011
$ 5,040.00 (Standard (middle deck))
$ 8,825.00 (Standard (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 5,270.00 (Standard (boat deck))
$ 9,230.00 (Standard (boat deck) - sgl)
$ 5,425.00 (Deluxe (middle deck))
$ 9,495.00 (Deluxe (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 5,655.00 (Deluxe (boat deck))
$ 9,900.00 (Deluxe (boat deck) - sgl)
$ 6,040.00 (Deluxe (upper deck))
$10,570.00 (Deluxe (upper deck) - sgl)
$ 6,580.00 (Jr. Suite (upper deck))
$13,155.00 (Jr. Suite (upper deck) - sgl)
$ 7,350.00 (Suite (middle deck))
$14,695.00 (Suite (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 8,515.00 (Owner's Suite (middle deck))
$17,030.00 (Owner's Suite (middle deck) - sgl)

Book after 11/1/2021
$ 6,460.00 (Standard (middle deck))
$11,310.00 (Standard (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 6,765.00 (Standard (boat deck))
$11,850.00 (Standard (boat deck) - sgl)
$ 6,965.00 (Deluxe (middle deck))
$12,190.00 (Deluxe (middle deck) - sgl)
$ 7,270.00 (Deluxe (boat deck))
$12,730.00 (Deluxe (boat deck) - sgl)
$ 7,790.00 (Deluxe (upper deck))
$13,630.00 (Deluxe (upper deck) - sgl)
$ 8,515.00 (Jr. Suite (upper deck))
$17,030.00 (Jr. Suite (upper deck) - sgl)
$ 9,540.00 (Suite (middle deck))
$19,075.00 (Suite (middle deck) - sgl)
$11,090.00 (Owner's Suite (middle deck))
$22,175.00 (Owner's Suite (middle deck) - sgl)


Jul 29, 2022 - Aug 09, 2022 

Cabin Description:


  • Cruise on board MS Mustai Karim in the booked category
  • Luggage service in the river ports
  • Full board: buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner served to the table, starting with dinner on the 1st day, ending with breakfast on the last day
  • One Captain’s Dinner
  • All-inclusive beverage package in onboard restaurants and bars
  • Onboard guides speaking English /French / German / Spanish / Italian
  • Included excursion program
  • Headphones for the entire excursion program
  • Entertainment program on board during the cruise, including live lounge music, concert of piano music and lectures
  • Tipping and gratuities

Not included:

  • Transfers
  • Russian visa
  • Optional excursions


Day 1  : Moscow

Welcome to Russia, welcome to our magnificent ship Mustai Karim! After a brief check-in, you’ll meet the ship’s crew at a delightful cocktail – a relaxing way to begin your adventure after a day’s travel.

Day 2  : Uglich and Myshkin

 Today you’ll arrive in Uglich, an ancient town filled with brightly coloured architecture. Its Kremlin and the Church of St. Dmitry are particularly famous – the church’s fascinating history is tied to the life and death of Ivan the Terrible’s son. In the afternoon we invite you to discover Myshkin, cozy, provincial town of the Yaroslavl region, famous for a large number of attractions and picturesque places that are worth seeing. Take a walk through the landscapes of a medieval merchant town brimming with charm.

Day 3  : Yaroslavl

Discover the capital of the Golden Ring cities, Yaroslavl. Its architectural masterpieces, streets and green squares hold 1000 years of history.

Day 4  : Gorodets and Nizhny Novgorod

There are many beautiful places where you can feel the real Russian soul. Gorodets is one of them, a lovely town, the oldest one in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Colorful wooden houses with carved architraves, many museums, a well-groomed embankment and world-famous gingerbread houses - this place can surprise anyone. In the afternoon, explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world during bus city tour. Nizhny Novgorod is called the “Volga capital”. The city was founded in 1221 as a fortress on the right bank of the Volga river at the place where it merged with the Oka river. The city is rich in architectural monuments. The main one is the Nizhny Novgorod
Kremlin, on the territory of which there is the Archangel Cathedral, the existing Annunciation and Pechersky Monasteries, the Christmas Church, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and many other monuments. The city is a large industrial, cultural and
transport center of the Middle Volga.

Day 5  : Cheboksary

Today you’ll enjoy the bus city tour in the capital of the Republic of Chuvashia, located on the right bank of the Volga river – the town Cheboksary. Over the five-hundred year history, the city has seen the rebels of Ivan Bolotnikov, the freemen of Stepan Razin, and the squads of Emelyan Pugachev. Monuments of architecture are organically combined
with the modern embankment, decorated with a lattice with a national ornament.

Day 6  : Kazan

After spending the morning enjoying the scenery from the ship’s board, arrive to the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan - Kazan. The appearance of the city is determined by a mixture of Russian and eastern colors. The tops of the old churches, the belfry towers and the slender needles of the minarets are high above the modern buildings. For
more than four centuries, Kazan has surrounded the white stone walls of the Kremlin, a UNESCO monument. The Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Mardzhani Mosque (XVIII century) and the Azimov Mosque (XIX century) are unique and inimitable; they are worth seeing. One of the oldest universities in Russia was founded in Kazan, where N. Lobachevsky, A. Butlerov and V. Bekhterev worked. Get to know the town with a thousand year history during the bus city tour and visit to the Kremlin.

Day 7  : Samara

Explore the local places of interest such as Revolution Square, Philharmonic, Catholic Church, and mansion of merchant Curlina. You will also visit Samara Regional Art Gallery, which is one of the largest museums in the Russian provinces. In continuation of the
excursion, you will see the symbols of Samara - carrier rocket “Soyuz” and Monument “Shallop”, and will stroll along “Samara Arbat” – the main pedestrian street.

Day 8  : Saratov

On the right bank of the Volga lies the ancient Russian city of Saratov surrounded by three high mountains. The city was founded as a watch fortress in 1590, initially on the left bank of the Volga river. Later, the fortress was destroyed, and the construction of the new Saratov began in 1674, this time on the right bank of the Volga river, near the Sokolovaya

Day 9  : Volgograd

During the sightseeing bus tour, you will get acquainted with the main tourist attractions of Volgograd: central promenade, monument - an obelisk in the Square of Fallen Fighters,
Lenin Square, Pavlov’s House, Ruins Grudinin’s mill. You

Day 10  : Ilyevka

Today you

Day 11  : Rostov-on-Don

Take a day off to relax on board, carried away by the peaceful river waves. If you prefer something more energetic, spend the day with entertainments and music on board. In the evening, you’ll arrive in Rostov-on-Don.

Day 12  : Rostov-on-Don

Today you’ll get to know Rostov-on-Don. Known as simply ‘Rostov’ to the locals, the river Don doesn’t just wind its way through the heart of this southern Russian city; it is the city’s heart. Beautiful parks, historical and cultural landmarks and vibrant food and wine scene are among the lures of this riverside city.