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Marvelous World of Trypillia

4 days
3 nights





$ 110.00 (double occupancy)


Daily during the following periods:
Jan 01 - Dec 31 



The Trypillyan culture is one of the brightest phenomena in the history of the primitive society ofEurope; having become one of the biggest discoveries of 19th century, it has been actively researched for the last 100 years. Trypillyan settlements were widespread in 4th to 3rd millenium B.C. across all the Right-bankUkraine, also on the lands of Romania and Moldovawhereby the culture bears the name of Cucuteni. The Trypillian culture marked the peak of land-toiling tribes development in Europe: the Trypillians reached high levels of development in farming, copper processing, pottery and weaving. They built majestic settlements (proto-towns), had rich spiritual culture and land-toiling customs. Welcome to the captivating trip to the faraway yet beautiful past of Ukraine, the bread basket ofEurope!

Day 1  : Arrival

Welcome dinner with folk music show in a traditional Ukrainian restaurant.

Day 2  :

Sightseeing tour with a visit to St.Sophia Cathedral, one of the most renowned fresco and mosaic art monuments included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. An overlook of the Golden Gates,the main entrance to the medieval city of Kyiv; also of  the St. Michael Golden-Domed Monastery, monuments to Princess Olga and Prince Volodymyr, the Baptiser of the Rus', there mains of the Church of the Tithe (the first stone church in the Rus'), the St.Andrew's Church (a masterpiece of Italian architect Rastrelli).

After the lunch a visit to the National History Museum of Ukraine with a unique archeological display "The Marvellous World of Trypillya" in the Trypillya room. The room presents reconstructions and fragments of Trypillyan houses, tools,  pottery, women ornaments and other findings  that tell a lot about history,culture and spiritual world of the Trypillians.

Boat trip on the Dnipro river.

Day 3  :

A one-day archeology bus trip to the Kyiv Region with visits to the Kyiv Region Archeology Museum in the village of Trypillya, Memorial Museum of Vikentiy Khvoika, the discoverer of the Trypillian culture in the village of Khalepje, Rzhishchev Archeology and Local History Museum and the Trypillian Public Garden in the town of Rzhishchev where interesting exhibits of Trypillian culture found during archeological excavations in the Kyiv Region (pottery, labour tools, figurines, adornments, ceramics and house replicas) are on display.

In the evening: an opera or ballet performance in the National Opera of Ukraine or a concert in the National Philharmonic.

Day 4  : Departure