June 13, 2014

Review about Connoisseur's Russia by Jo Ann

Rating: 5
Dear Alex, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my trip to Russia. I learned so much about the history of Russia and the Russian people. Your agency has put together a trip that I would recommend to anyone. The knowledge, information and insights into the Russian culture by the tour guides (Olga in Moscow) and Maria (Novgorod and St. Petersburg) made this trip such a special experience that I will never forget it. This trip far exceeded my expectations.
Jo Ann

I enjoyed my trip to Russia

During this tour you will be introduced to the lives of the ruling dynasties of Russia and learn about the prominent historical figures who influenced the course of Russian history. You will discover many interesting facts at the historical sights of the capital and learn about the mysteries of ancient Russian towns of the Golden Ring. One of the unique features of this tour is a close look at the evolution of the Russian fine art from the early centuries to modern times. You will have the opportunity to see every form and genre of art in Russia, including a unique collection of old Russian icons, paintings, graphic art, sculptures, decorative and applied art, folk art and numismatics, as well as the world's best collection of Russian avant-garde.