June 04, 2014

Review about Duplicate of Grand Tour of Russia by Brian Hanes

Rating: 5
Hi Dora! I went on the visa free cruise to St. Petersburg and Stockholm in March and thought I'd shoot you a message to say THANKS! All of your recommendations were so helpful and I had the greatest time on the ship. Traveling alone is often a challenging experience, but your company made it so easy for me and I am so appreciative. The tours were well thought out and spaced perfectly. I really enjoyed just resting in the beautiful ship at the end of the night, watching the waves and taking in the scenery in each new place we encountered. The private city tour of St. Petersburg was a definite highlight. We got to see so many great historical buildings and the guides are very knowledgeable. I made new friends with other travelers and have very fond memories of my time abroad. Thank you again for putting so much thought and effort into my trip and I look forward to working with you in the future since I already know I will be traveling to Russia with your company again soon! Cheers, Brian Hanes
Brian Hanes

Visa Free Tour of St. Petersburg and Stockholm Review